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You might not be shocked to hear that in the latest predicted reliability ratings two related Japanese brands came out on top: Toyota and Lexus. But it might surprise you to hear that it is their latest generation of reliable hybrids that solidified their lead.

The most reliable car brands, ranked

Consumer Reports just released its latest predicted reliability rankings. The advocacy group calculates reliability based on feedback from car owners. Members provide data on any vehicle problems they’ve experienced. CR analysts use the data to address 17 trouble areas, including the transmission, in-car electronics, and engine.

“Brands are ranked on average predicted reliability, based on Consumer Reports member surveys,” CR explains. And ratings are calculated on a 100-point scale. The average ratings for a given manufacturer fall in the 40-to-60-point range.

According to USA Today, the top two automakers on Consumer Reports’ list are Toyota and Lexus–yet again. Though these are usual favorites in the predicted reliability ratings, it was an interesting segment that cemented their lead this year: hybrids.

Toyota is the most reliable car brand of 2022

It’s clear Toyota is nothing if not reliable. Consumer Reports notes that “every Toyota model, save two, has above- or well-above-average reliability.” 

The Avalon Hybrid scored highest among Toyota models on Consumer Reports’ list of reliability scores for that manufacturer. The 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid placed a close second. Both earned near-perfect results on their road tests. The Avalon Hybrid also scored exceptionally high marks in predicted owner satisfaction. 

However, Toyota pickup trucks weren’t quite as successful in the reliability rankings. They scored near the bottom of the brand’s pack. Nevertheless, overall, Toyota continues to be a manufacturer that knows how to please customers. 

Lexus is also highly reliable

Lexus also earned high marks from Consumer Reports for its reliability, although not as high as Toyota. The luxury carmaker dropped somewhat in the rankings to come in second. A couple of Lexus hybrids boosted the brand’s reliability rankings, which speaks well of the carmaker’s future in that market. 

“Among the top five brands, Lexus stands out because all of its models have above-average or better reliability this year, once again led by the long-running GX SUV,” Consumer Reports notes. Two Lexus hybrid models stand above the rest for their ability to stay out of the repair shop and generally provide owners with a satisfying experience. The first is the 2023 Lexus NX Hybrid, which earned the highest reliability score of any Lexus model that CR surveyed. It also received the highest possible rating for predicted owner satisfaction.

The other Lexus model scoring incredibly well in reliability is the 2023 EX Hybrid, which ranks slightly below the NX.

You may be thinking, Aren’t hybrids more complex than traditional cars? How are they more reliable? One reason may be that these vehicle’s have an electric motor/generator unit that takes on much of the acceleration and braking. The result is less wear and tear on the traditional engine and regular hydraulic brakes.

All in all, Japanese hybrids are at the top of the reliability list. Their high ranking on Consumer Reports’ list speaks to the soundness of the engineering behind these cars. So if you’re in the market for a reliable new car, check out a Toyota or Lexus hybrid.

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