Top Road Trip Vehicles With the Longest Range, per Edmunds

Road trips in the wrong car or truck can be uncomfortable, and capable of producing a lot of misery. That is why, generally speaking, it is often preferred not to take them in small, cramped vehicles. After all, road trip comfort is not just about the passengers. It is also about the overnight bags for each of the passengers, and possibly a small pet. A small Honda Fit will not handle a family of four, their overnight bags, and the house parakeet the way a larger vehicle can. So, the ideal road trip vehicle will have a good amount of space and the ability to go long distances before having to refill the gas tank. 

Long range and the needed space

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The A87 trunk road overlooking Loch Garry in the United Kingdom. | Sam Mellish / In Pictures via Getty Images Images

Edmunds just recently did their own evaluation of what vehicles are good for long-range driving. They also determined that having ample space was important. After all, sitting in one position for eight hours with an overnight bag in your lap, and Fido squeezed between the family siblings is probably not the best situation. Also, not everybody has a cargo top carrier to slap onto their Toyota Yaris’s roof. 

An eight-hour road trip will typically get a family about 400 miles, depending on the number of traffic signal stops, and weather conditions. That will also be about the time a fill-up is needed again. However, the experts have Edmunds found four vehicles with “significantly greater-than-average EPA estimated ranges.” These vehicles will get a family much farther before needing to refill their gas tank. They based their findings on the gas tank capacity of these vehicles and the highway EPA rating, the vehicles are…

The 2020 Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 may not be the first thought. A truck is usually considered a gas guzzler. But, wait, a Ram 1500 equipped with rear-wheel drive, the turbodiesel V6, and a 33-gallon fuel tank means that the pickup truck will achieve 858 miles between fill-ups. The truck also has plenty of room for family members and the ability to tow. 

  • EPA-estimated mpg: 26 combined (22 city/ 32 highway)
  • EPA-estimated range: 858 miles (598 miles on the standard size tank)
  • The Ram website says the starting price for 1500 is $32,145.
The Ram Big Horn with a dark red body driving in the country
2020 Ram 1500 | Ram Trucks

The 2020 Ford Expedition Max

The Ford Expedition Max offers three-row seating and enough room for eight passengers. Think of it as a family size bus, or a cave on wheels. It has a 30-gallon fuel tank capacity. That should net the driver just shy of 600 miles before needing to stop for gas again. But, it is also a little more challenging to maneuver than the others on this list. 

  • EPA-estimated mpg: 19 combined (17 city/ 23 highway)
  • EPA-estimated range: 570 miles
  • The Ford website says the starting price for the Ford Expedition Max is $55,835

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is a midsize sedan that would be suitable for a long road trip without claustrophobia setting in. Different trim levels will achieve different distances between fill-ups. But, the base Blue trim reaches — 686 miles. 

  • EPA-estimated mpg: 52 combined (50 city/ 54 highway)
  • EPA-estimated range: 686 miles
  • The Hyundai website says the starting price for the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is $27,750

2020 Tesla Model

If lowering the carbon footprint is a desire, the Tesla Model S all-electric sedan might be more appropriate. This is a larger sedan than is also luxurious. On a full charge, the EPA-estimated range is 402 miles, and the supercharger network is one of the most readily available at the moment. But, a recharge will take you longer than filling a gas tank in a vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine. 

  • EPA-estimated efficiency: 29 kWh/ 100 miles or 117 mpg equivalent combined (121 city/ 112 highway)
  • EPA-estimated range: 402 miles
  • The Tesla website says the starting price for the Model S is $69,490, including “potential incentives and gas savings of $5,500.”
Front view of a white Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S sits in a Tesla Store in Barcelona | Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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A road trip with one of the above-mentioned range monsters will get consumers further in the trip than a lot of the other competition from manufacturers. So, that will take care of reducing gas stops on the trip, and shorten the trip. That is unless there is an individual with bladder concerns. Then, stopping often is going to be necessary no matter how many miles are achieved. Don’t be hard on Aunt Stella.