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As with any other be-wheeled machine that runs on rubber tires, ATV and UTV models are going to need new tires at some point. There are tires your friends suggest. Then there are the ones that came stock on your off-road rec vehicle. In fact, there is an absolute plethora of options. It makes it pretty hard to nail down which tire is the best choice for your side-by-side or four-wheeler. All things considered, these are the top rated ATV and UTV tires according to Amazon reviews.

An ATV powering through deep mud with new tires
ATV in the mud |

We’ve done some research and dived into the consumer reviews on Amazon. Buyers leave reviews giving us some tangible information to go by. We’ve made this comprehensive list of the tires that rank highest. All the information is according to the folks that actually bought them and use them on their ATVs and UTVs. Here are the top three.

SunF off-road tires

In third place, Amazon reviews rank the SunF 145/70-6 145/70×6 ATV UTV Tires 6 PR Tubeless A051 POWER II set as some of the best tires you can buy for your side-by-side or four-wheeler. Advertised as a set of two on Amazon, you can buy two of these SunF ATV and UTV tires for $63.98. That sounds like a deal, and sometimes low prices end up being too good to be true.

set of two SunF Power II off-road rec tires
SunF Power II set of two | Amazon

However, according to the folks that bought them, these are great tires for your off-road rec machine. Consumer reviews say this tire “grips everything.” In fact, many reviews go so far as to say that after running several other brands over the years that these are the best they’ve tried. If you are looking for a budget tire that’s good quality, these SunF ATV and UTV tubeless tires are a good buy––according to consumers. 99% of 252 consumer ratings are either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.

SunF ATV and UTV tires take second place too

The Power I tires are in second for the top rated ATV and UTV tires according to Amazon reviews. Sold as a set of four on Amazon, these SunF 29×9-14 29×11-14 ATV UTV Tires 6 PR Tubeless A033 POWER I get rave reviews. Consumers say things like “I put these on a Sportsman 500 H.O. and like the title said this thing goes places I never even considered trying before.”

a set of four SunF Power I tires against a white backdrop
SunF PowerI ATV Tires | Amazon

UTV and ATV models that frequently got stuck prior to running the SunF Power I tires are now going places, according to Amazon consumer reviews. This set of four tires is sold on Amazon for $514.96. This is considerably more expensive than the SunF Power II tires above. However, it’s still a pretty decent price point for an entire set of great off-road rec tires. 96% of 1,320 ratings are either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars. But which four-wheeler and side-by-side tires are in the top spot?

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

According to consumer reviews, these are the best ATV and UTV tires you can buy on Amazon. Sold on Amazon in singular units, this tire goes for $69.27 per tire. Again, not as low as the SunF Power II. Still, this is a good price for a good ATV and UTV tire. Let’s take a look at what buyers are saying.

a press photo of the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV and UTV tire against a white backdrop
ITP Mud Lite ATV Tire | Amazon

One consumer speaks high praise of the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain tire. “CAUTION! These tires are AGGRESSIVE. They are AWESOME in mud and heavy wet snow.” This is pretty much exactly what we want to hear about a four-wheeler and side-by-side tire. The more traction the better, right? In fact, another buyer had great things to say too. “I have always got stuck, but not this time and this was the wettest that I have ever mowed the yard.” This comment is in reference to running these on a tractor. The ITP Mud Lite tires listed here have 97% of 1,584 reviews ranking them with either 4 or 5 stars.


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