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Tesla cars typically receive rave reviews from owners. Even with the various Tesla Model 3 problems that owners have reported, it still receives high praise and is in constant demand. However, quality issues with this model are causing major frustration for drivers who are used to premium vehicles that are worth the price. Tesla has had much more quality success with its $100,000 Model S, which suggests that maybe Tesla isn’t built to build “cheap” EVs. 

The Tesla Model 3 has a problem with recalls

The interior of a Tesla Model 3 electric car in white and black
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

YouTuber Mark Holubetz of the ExoticCar PlayPlace channel reported on a number of problems with his Tesla Model 3. One of his biggest issues is the sheer number of Tesla recalls for this model. Though, as InsideEVs points out, many of the 11 recalls listed for the 2021 Model 3 don’t require a service visit. They can be fixed with updates sent directly to the car.

Still, you would hope that a nearly $50,000 luxury electric vehicle would have fewer problems this late in the game.

The Model 3’s camera system is subpar, claims one expert owner

Red Tesla Model 3 parked in a parking lot
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Another major Tesla Model 3 problem for Holubetz is Tesla’s insistence on using cameras vs. radar for self-driving features. InsideEVs claims that “ever since Tesla CEO Elon Musk went against radar in favor of camera-only ‘Tesla Vision’ occurrences of Phantom braking have seemingly spiked.”

Holubetz also mentions that Tesla camera systems can struggle to differentiate between mph signs in the US and kph signs in Canada, only reading the numbers.

The auto-roll stop has a lot more roll than stop

The Tesla Model 3’s rolling stop feature also gets a highlight. The plan for this feature was that a Tesla car could perform a slow-motion roll through a stop sign without ever actually stopping. That’s a problem in and of itself—as these rolling stops are actually illegal in many cities. And, according to Holubetz, his Model 3 could sometimes have more roll than stop. That’s incredibly dangerous for traffic.

Tesla has decided to simply remove the feature, rather than fix it. This issue, and recall, affected all of the models that were equipped with it. 

Other Tesla Model 3 problems reported

In watching the video above, you can see that there are quite a few problems with the Tesla Model 3 in this one owner’s review. But, he’s not alone. A number of owners share these concerns. Here are just a few of the other Model 3 issues mentioned in Holubetz’s review:

  • The windows can fail to defrost properly 
  • Known issues with the front suspension lateral link
  • Poor paint quality can expose body parts earlier than expected
  • Problems with rust
  • Panel gaps
  • Water leak issues with the front headlights can lead to mold

Holubetz calls out significant issues of quality control and Tesla Model 3 problems in his 2019 electric car. 


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