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It might be brats, brews, and cornhole. Or maybe it’s chili, sweet tea, and a side of Sholf. Fans have all sorts of ways to tailgate before a game or other outdoor event. The food, drinks, and games from one tailgating party to the next may differ quite a bit. But one thing’s for sure, everyone has fun. No matter how you celebrate your team or band, having the right setup depends on the vehicle that’s attached to the tailgate. And it turns out that one of the top-selling full-size pickup trucks is perfect for tailgating: the Ram 1500.

This truck has room enough for friends and family plus all your party gear. It’s also equipped with some ingenious multifunctional features that work amazingly well for an enjoyable get-together before the event. Let’s look at specific reasons why this Ram is the top pickup truck for tailgating.

Interior features that put the fun in functionality

When you’re driving to the stadium, you’ll have plenty of space for your fellow tailgaters. Both the quad cab and the crew cab have six seats, but the crew cab’s back seat has armrests and over five inches of legroom more than the quad cab’s. 

Bringing some giant yard games to the tailgate party? There’s ample room under the rear seat with compartments that can hold up to 40 liters. You can stash even more stuff in the roomy configurable center console. It also houses five USB ports to accommodate everyone’s devices. 

Need to bring grilling tools or other implements for your tailgate setup? Tuck them away in the RamBin, the Ram’s in-floor storage cubbie. For the 2019 model year, Ram has made this storage space 5.5 inches longer than earlier models. 

Keep tabs on the day’s scores with the Ram’s UConnect infotainment system with available WiFi, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The Ram comes standard with an Alpine stereo system with a subwoofer. Or, you could opt for the 19-speaker Harmon Kardon audio system.

The truck bed with a secret weapon

Two bed sizes are available in the Ram 1500: five-foot-seven-inch and six-foot-four-inch. This means that you can get a maximum cargo volume of 61.5 feet to haul a grill, chairs, tables, and more. It’s plenty of space for your tailgating crew to sit or stand, too.

The centerpiece for a tailgating party, though, is the RamBox cargo management system. This cargo system is installed into the truck’s side rails and also comes with four tie-down cleats and a bed divider. You can fill the lockable, waterproof compartment with ice and use it as an onboard cooler. Ram’s parent company FCA says that the compartment can hold up to 140 cold beverages.

While the RamBox can be installed in both bed sizes, it is only available with the crew cab style. 

The Ram’s tailgate that makes the party

The 2019 Ram 1500’s new multifunction tailgate can simplify your party setup. Car and Driver recently wrote that the innovative optional tailgate, when raised, has a 60/40 clamshell door. Each door swings out individually to an 88-degree angle, making for easy access. Loading a heavy grill into the bed, for example, takes a lot less effort when you can just slide it in and don’t have to lift it over the tailgate.

Like a regular Ram tailgate, though, it can open flat. You operate it by remote to lower it in a single piece with damped action. This function allows it to be operated normally even when a trailer is hitched to the truck. And the lowered tailgate can handle up to 2,000 pounds, in case everyone in your group wants to use it as seating.

The tailgate is available on any trim level for $995 and comes with a spray-in bed liner.

Another cool feature of the tailgate is the retractable center step that you can pair with the new tailgate for $295. With it, all of the crew at your get-together will be able to get in and out of the truck bed with ease. It folds away under the rear bumper when you don’t need it. 

From the tailgate and the bed to the roomy cabin and outstanding storage space, the Ram 1500 is versatile and tough enough for nearly any adventure. But for tailgating, this Ram truck really is the best pickup truck to bring the fun.