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Just look at this beast of a truck. It’s like turning a corner and coming face-to-face with a velociraptor. This is the Paramount Group’s Marauder, and if it looks familiar, it should. Most Americans got their first glimpse of this military monstrosity on “Top Gear.” But that was 11 years ago. Now, it has come marauding back even more over-the-top menacing than the last time you saw it.

Was the Paramount Marauder on Top Gear?

Paramount Group Marauder
Paramount Group Marauder armored vehicle | Paramount

In season 17 of “Top Gear,” Richard Hammond test drove the Paramount Marauder. But around the world, things are now a lot more dangerous. So, how can you have an apocalypse machine without land mine protection? Or without being able to withstand IED bombs? 

For the Marauder to withstand those threats and more, significant modifications have developed. Paramount sought to have the Marauder capable of even more dangerous missions for its users. For everyone to get a shot at its improvements and protections, now it comes with left-hand, or right-hand drive. And for real versatility, in under two hours, it can be swapped between left-hand and right-hand drive. 

Can the Marauder withstand land mines?

Paramount Group Marauder
Paramount Group Marauder armored vehicle | Paramount

The Marauder Mark 2 now features an armored double-skinned monocoque body, for increased land mine and ballistic immunity. To improve driver inputs and communications, the cockpit has received upgrades as well.

“Impressive developments in man-machine interfaces often go unnoticed, however, the systems which we have incorporated within the new Marauder ‘Mark 2’ have made great strides in improving ergonomics, comfort, and functionality,” Paramount Land Systems says in a statement. “The improvements in the Marauder’s operator interfaces will increase usability when operating in rugged conditions, while at the same time reducing driver and crew fatigue, making the platform more comfortable and user-friendly, keeping troops safe and battle Ready. 

What are some of the countries that use the Marauder?

If you think Paramount is kidding, it is not. Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Central Asia armed forces already use the Marauder. And its versatility extends to extreme conditions like temperature. It can operate in minus-4 degree to 122-degree environments.

“In keeping with our 27-year track record of manufacturing innovative solutions to optimizing our customers’ response capabilities to the threats faced in Africa and around the world, we are also pleased to report that we have today increased our own speed of production,” Paramount’s statement continues. “We can now manufacture vehicles for stock purposes as opposed to manufacturing based on customer orders, delivering faster solutions for those partners with urgent demands, whether they are operating right or left-hand drive vehicles.”

Paramount Group Marauder
Paramount Group Marauder armored vehicle | Paramount

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Should conditions in your area become a war zone, you can order a Paramount Marauder for your own. Priced at only $485,000, you’ll need to place that order now in order to get one in time for whatever is brewing in the hood. So far, Paramount has produced over 250 Marauders for its exclusive customer base. If you do get your Marauder in the near future, let MotorBiscuit know. We would like to test drive it to see if it lives up to all of the hype.