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BBC One calls Top Gear the “world’s biggest motoring show.” The show has stood the test of time. It launched way back in 2002; 32 seasons later, the show and the brand that blossomed from the entertaining series is still relevant. So, when the folks at Top Gear claim that a vehicle is the best anything of the year, that vehicle is worth looking into. Top Gear has chosen a Volkswagen electric vehicle as its electric car of the year. This choice is big news for America’s electric future.

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is Top Gear’s electric car of the year

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is’s pick for the best electric car of the year. The publication chooses the best electric car of the year based on models that their team has tested that were released sometime in the current year. This may seem puzzling to many American auto enthusiasts because the ID. Buzz hasn’t been released yet, right?

Actually, according to, Volkswagen released the ID. Buzz in the U.K. way back in 2022. Like most European vehicles, the ID. Buzz hit the European market before it could make its way to the United States. So, the U.K. is already buzzin’ about the ID. Buzz, but what does that mean for us in the U.S.?

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is buzz-worthy

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric minibus, microbus, electric van, or whatever name you choose, is worthy of all the attention it’s getting internationally. The electric vehicle’s ancestry can be traced back to 1949 when German automaker Volkswagen unleashed its first generation of buses onto the world.

These microbuses evolved over generations, becoming beach runners and road trip family haulers. There’s an entire international community of VW bus drivers who have built events and connections around this vehicle. The ID. Buzz takes a silhouette that is familiar and electrifies it, adding flare to its powertrain and reinvigorating its design.

The Volkswagen bus is ready to serve a new generation of drivers and offer thrills and an experience that our great grandparents may relate to. Best of all, VW plans to offer multiple configurations, including larger versions of the bus, because when it comes to road trippin’, the more the merrier. If nothing else, the VW ID. Buzz shows the German automaker’s commitment to bringing its lineup into the electric future, whether it be a sedan, SUV, or groovy (yet somehow also futuristic) microbus.

In short, Top Gear’s love for the ID. Buzz lets America know that our excitement about the nameplate is warranted. If folks from across the pond are diggin’ the Buzz, chances are plenty of us will enjoy it as well.

Volkswagen has embraced the electric future

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz | Volkswagen

Volkswagen was involved in Dieselgate just a few years ago, now it’s one of the automakers leading the charge toward the electric future. The Volkswagen ID. 4 has been extremely popular internationally. Now it looks like the ID. Buzz could make a major impact in the electric vehicle space as well. Volkswagen is also behind one of the largest electric vehicle charging companies, Electrify America. VW is prepared for the electric future. Will it outsell American automakers because of vehicles like the ID. Buzz? According to Car and Driver, the ID. Buzz will be available in America in 2024.

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