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Ford struts its stuff at the top. The F-150 is the top of the food chain at Ford, and what happens at the top trickles down to the lower trims. But there is a lot of confusion at the top, with these breakout extreme performance trims. The Tremor, Raptor, and Raptor R look to be similar. So what are some of the differences that might sway you to one or the other of the top F-150s?

The F-150 Raptor and Tremor have two different V8s and two different V6 engines

Raptor R
2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R | Ford

The main difference between the Raptor R, and the lower Raptor and Tremor, is the V8 versus V6. There are two different V8s and two different V6 engines. So just compartmentalize that for a moment while we dig down into the Tremor and Raptor differences first.

Each of these trims ramps up the power. While both the Raptor and Tremor feature the V6, the Raptor’s 3.5-liter has the High-Output option, with 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. The Tremor is plenty powerful unto itself, with an even 400 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque with the V6. But it comes standard with the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 with 400 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. Same horsepower, but different torque. 

While the Raptor beats the Tremor with more power, the Tremor comes out on top for towing capacity. The Raptor has an 8,200 lb towing capacity, while the Tremor beats it at 10,900 lbs. 

Do the Tremor and Raptor have different gear ratios?

F-150 Tremor
2023 Ford F-150 Tremor | Ford

You get the torque-on-demand transfer case with every Raptor, but it is an option with the Tremor. Optional on both is a front Torsen limited differential. The Tremor’s axle ratio is 3.73:1 while the Raptor gets the stump-pulling 4.10:1 ratio. That gives the Raptor an edge for torque. But keep in mind that it will also suck more gas with the lower ratio.

Outside, the Raptor has an aggressively wide body that the Tremor does not. The Raptor also sports a different grille. Though both feature a lift, the Raptor has 3.5 inches more ground clearance than the Tremor. And the Raptor has a wider track, helping to fill those wider fenders.  Inside, both interiors are identical. But the Raptor offers carbon fiber accents and Recaro seats as an option.  

That helps to place where the Tremor and Raptor sit in the F-150 hierarchy. Now, let’s look at the differences between the Raptor and Raptor R. First, what sets the R apart is the 5.2-liter Shelby V8. That equates to 700 hp and 640 lb-ft of torque. And its 37-inch off-road tires give it 13.1 inches of clearance according to Gear Patrol

Why did Ford go with the V8 for the Raptor R?

Raptor R
2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R | Ford

The whole reason for the Raptor R was to compete with the Ram TRX. It produces 703 hp versus the Raptor R’s 700. It’s odd that Ford didn’t ad maybe 10 hp more to beat the TRX but they have a point. The Raptor R is 400 lbs lighter than the TRX so that three extra horsepower doesn’t matter. 

Since 2009 the Raptor has been the top dog when it comes to production off-road extremes, and the Raptor R has upped the game. But the big question is how much do they cost?

The F-150 Tremor starts at $61,110 with the V8 and $61,800 with the V6. For the Raptor, that price goes up to $76,775. The Raptor R crosses that hundred-grand threshold at $109,145. 


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