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People do a lot to protect their cars from being stolen, but how about your tires? Having your tires stolen is one of the worst car-related things that can happen, but there are things you can do to keep your tires safe. Here are the top five ways to keep thieves from stealing your tires.

A Michelin tire.
A Michelin tire | Odd ANDERSEN / AFP via Getty Images

5. Park in a well-lit area

One of the best ways to stop thieves from stealing tires is to park in a well-lit area in a highly trafficked place. Sometimes you may be parking somewhere fairly remote, like a train station parking lot. Try to park in a spot where your car is visible from the street or by people walking to and from the train. If it’s nighttime, try to park under a light, to make your car a less attractive target.

It can be more difficult to park in a highly trafficked, well-lit area at your house. If you don’t have a garage, your options may be limited. Try to park underneath a light or in a place where your car is visible from the street. This reduces the likelihood that tire thieves will select your vehicle.

4. You can buy lug nut locks to keep thieves from getting your tires off

Lug nut locks attach right to your lugnut and make it really hard for tire thieves to take your tires. You can put these on yourself, but if that seems a daunting task, a mechanic can do it for you. These typically cost around $100 for all four tires.

If you like the idea of a lock but don’t want a lugnut lock, there are also wheel locks. says these wheel locks require a special anti-theft key tool to both install and remove.

3. Turn your wheels to a 45 degree angle to make it more difficult to access your tires

Turning your wheels at a 45 degree angle makes it harder for thieves to get into the tire to remove them. If you can park in an area that makes it harder for a thief to have access to your car, that can also help prevent someone from stealing your tires.

2. Park close to the curb so there’s no room to get to your tires

One of the things that tire thieves – or any thieves, really – like is when it’s easy to take what they want. Knowing this can help you take steps to keep your tires safe, like making it harder for thieves to get to your tires. Similar to turning your wheels, parking close to the curb keeps thieves from being able to easily access your tires. And if there’s a choice between your car and another that’s easy to get to, thieves are more likely to pass on your car.

1. Use an alarm for your tires

If you buy wheel alarms that attach right to the wheels, they’ll go off if someone tries to take your tires. This is especially effective if you opt for an alarm with sensors, as they do a better job of picking up when someone is trying to take your tires.

If you’re worried about thieves stealing your tires, following these tips can keep your tires safe. Of course, if you have highly coveted and expensive tires, these tips may not be enough, but they’ll certainly reduce your risk. Thieves are more likely to opt for cars with tires that are easy to steal, and you can take steps to keep your tires safer.


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