These Are the Top 5 Reasons You Should Care About the 2022 Honda Civic

Even though most of us grew up driving or at least knowing someone who drove a hammy-down Honda Civic as teenagers, we really don’t talk about these very much. Outside of the boy-racer tuners out there, the Civic really never gets love. The 2022 Honda Civic really isn’t any less plain than the older ones, but it deserves attention for these five reasons. 

2022 Honda Civic Sport
2022 Honda Civic Sport driving

While the car market is in a near-constant state of blowing up these days, the 2022 Honda Civic is still holding us down. No matter how much disrespect we show the Civic, it just keeps coming back to be our ride-or-die set of wheels. 

The 2022 Honda Civic is a little more fun 

As Gear Patrol keenly points out, there isn’t much interest from manufacturers to invest in new internal combustion engines. This means many new cars like the 2022 Honda Civic rolled over the old 180-hp 1.5-liter engine into the new car. However, Honda did spend a boatload on chassis tuning and handling. The result is a spritely and sportier Civic than the previous model. 

The Gear Patrol test driver mentions that the Civic’s CVT transmission is a bit of a bummer. It’s not that the Civic’s CVT, in particular, is bad or anything; in fact, it works plenty well. However, CVTs, in general, are just a bit boring and soulless. 

The 2022 Civic has a lovely interior 

the 2022 Honda Civic interior. Front seats, steering wheel, and dash
2022 Honda Civic | Wesley Allison

Plenty of cars look nice on the outside, but the interior is cheap and plastic. This is especially true for cheaper cars and SUVs. Thankfully, the 2022 Civic is fitted with a simple yet thoughtful interior design. The fully loaded trim even comes with a sizable infotainment screen measuring 9 inches. 

Due to some slick design elements like the honeycomb mesh material covering all the speakers and vents, the Civic’s interior feels more expensive than it is. According to Gear Patrol, even the knobs and switches feel solid and unique. 

The Civic exterior is just as nice

A red 2022 Honda Civic Sedan parked on a mountain road
2022 Honda Civic Sedan | Honda

Honda’s 2022 Civic got a bit of dress-up. Honda decided to go with a simpler but more upscale design aesthetic than previous models. The new look makes for a longer, lower-looking sedan that stretches everything out to look more sleek and refined. All that being said, it isn’t the most radical or sporty design we’ve ever seen, but the simple approach actually makes it look more upscale at this price point. 

It is supremely practical 

This is the Civic’s bread and butter. Simplicity and practicality are what made the Civic a favorite for all these long years. For such a small sedan, the 2022 Civic is actually really big inside. The seats offer plenty of cushion and legroom. The only issue here is the height might be tough for anyone with wobbly knees. 

It may be a bit obvious, but Honda didn’t disappoint on the fuel economy either. The 2022 Honda Civic averages around the mid-30s on mpg. 

The Civic is friendly in the price department

Aside from the killer gas mileage, the 2022 Honda Civic will also save you money at the dealership. The base-model Civic starts at $21,700. The top-tier Touring trim starts at $30,000. These prices also include the destination charge. 

If you don’t like this, there’s more

So, you don’t like all this practicality, sensible pricing, and refined looks? Well, don’t worry. Honda will be releasing a few variations of the 2022 Civic. A hatchback model will surely come soon as well as the sporty Civic Si. Not to mention, the hottest of the line, the Honda Civic Type R, is also coming. The future of the Honda Civic is as bright as ever – and that is a good thing.

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