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Aston Martin cars have a strong history on the big screen. Almost all actors that played James Bond drove Aston Martin’s during his super-secret spy car chases. While you won’t get the license to kill like 007, you can still admire and enjoy these Aston Martin cars.

Elegance reserved for more than 007 with the top 5 Aston Martin cars of all time

Watching various actors on the big screen playing the role of England’s super spy brought us some serious thrills and amazing car chases. The car the hero almost always drove came from Aston Martin.

Check out the cars that top our list.

The Aston Martin DB5 is the classic James Bond car

Silver Aston Martin DB5
Aston Martin DB5 | Wiki Commons

The car that defined the cars of the 007 movies is the Aston Martin DB5. This car is a true work of art, and it could be considered the coolest car in history. If this car had never existed, many of the models that followed wouldn’t have arrived either.

While the DB5 showed amazing performance on the big screen, it’s actually a horrible car to drive. This car is driven for its style and kept garaged to maintain perfection, but these are just a couple of the considerations made for such an iconic classic.

Pure performance perfection comes in the DB11

Red Aston Martin DB11
Aston Martin DB11 | Aston Martin

The DB11 is considered the best GT car ever made by Aston Martin. This car shows what this high-end brand can offer in terms of build quality, performance, and technology. The styling is a bit polarizing, but there’s nothing ugly about the looks offered in the DB11.

If you’re looking for one of the Aston Martin cars with a lot of power, the DB11 delivers. The DB11 has either a 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 or an AMG-sourced 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 engine. Both engines are incredible and give us a car that’s several steps above the DB9 in terms of power.

The V600 Le Mans celebrates victory for Aston Martin

Green Aston Martin V600 Le Mans
Aston Martin V600 Le Mans | Wiki Commons

The V600 Le Mans is truly an old-school Aston Martin car. This car celebrated the brand’s victory at Le Mans. It was made at the end of the V8 Vantage production in 1999, and only 40 models were ever produced.

Power for the V600 Le Mans reached 604 horsepower and 605 lb-ft of torque. This car is rare and worth a lot of money at auction. At the time of production, the V600 Le Mans was one of the most powerful cars in the market.

The DB7 saved the day

Blue Aston Martin DB7 Convertible
Aston Martin DB7 Convertible | Wiki Commons

One of the few Aston Martin sold in high numbers is the DB7. This car sold thousands worldwide and was made of mostly leftover parts from other cars. That didn’t stop the DB7 from being an impressive and glorious luxury car to drive.

The DB7 featured door handles from a Mazda 323 and an engine from the Jaguar XJ6, which earned it the nickname “Jag in drag.” The style and speed made the Aston Martin DB7 exceptional. This car brought many new people to the fold of Aston Martin customers.

Which Aston Martin won at Le Mans? That would be the DBR-1

1956 Aston Martin DBR-1
1956 Aston Martin DBR-1 | Wiki Commons

There are extremely few Aston Martin DBR-1 left in the market, but this car is truly an inspiring vehicle from this brand. This car won the single Le Mans title for this brand. This makes it one of the top five models from this brand and an iconic figure in the automotive world.

The DBR-1 is worth a lot to the few owners that have them. One of these cars sold for more than $22 million at auction in 2017. This was a world record for a British-built car, a fitting factor for the exact car that won Le Mans back in 1959.