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Luxury car brands have come a long way in recent years. Technology is more affordable than ever, which has made luxury cars more affordable. Which luxury car brands are at the top of the list for new cars these days?

Volvo is one of the top luxury car brands

Volvo is one of the best luxury car brands
Volvo is one of the best luxury car brands | Volvo

U.S. News has a list of the best luxury car brands of 2021. Volvo has a reputation for building safe and sophisticated luxury cars. Some of the popular cars from Volvo include the 2021 Volvo S60, the XC40, and the XC90. Volvo luxury vehicles tend to be a bit more minimal but get a lot of features right. Refined, safe, and a variety of drivetrains make this brand a good pick.

Lincoln also produces reliable luxury cars

The Lincoln brand focuses mostly on luxury SUVs and crossovers over cars. Lincoln is known for large luxury SUVs, but there has been a change to meet market demand. The Lincoln Corsair, Aviator, and Navigator are all popular choices. For 2021, the vehicles switched from a heavy V8 to a more efficient twin-turbo V6. The Aviator also got a plug-in hybrid powertrain option. As the brand killed off the MKZ and Continential this year, the overall reliability of the lineup should improve.

Jaguar is also a luxury car brands

The 2022 Jaguar I-Pace Black parked on a highway road in the desert
2022 Jaguar I-Pace Black | Jaguar USA

Almost the opposite of Lincoln, Jaguar is a luxury car brand with a light interest in SUVs. Since consumers seem interested in crossovers and smaller SUVs these days, Jaguar added the F-Pace compact SUV for 2021. This offers a few different engine options. Jaguar also has the XJ and F-Type in the lineup. Unfortunately, Jaguar is not known for reliability. The cars are expensive to buy and expensive to fix, which leaves something to be desired.

Everyone knows BMW offers reliable luxury cars

BMW is known for being a luxury car brand with some fast cars and SUVs in the lineup. BMW offers sedans, SUVs, convertibles, and even the occasional race car. Much like the others on the list, the subcompact BMW X1 SUV and the BMW X7 have been added to appease customers. The 3-Series, 2-Series, 4-Series, 8-Series, and Z4 are also in the mix. BMW tends to have a pretty big lineup, and all of the vehicles sell relatively well, except the 2-Series.

Mercedes-Benz is a well-rounded luxury car brand

The Mercedes-Benz brand is fairly synonymous with luxury across the world. Like BMW, Mercedes-Benz has an extensive lineup with a variety of cars and SUVs. The S-Class and the SL are classic offerings, while the new crossover and smaller SUVs are popular and reliable. Plus, the AMG vehicles offer more power for buyers who appreciate such an option. The interiors are top of the line, and the designs of the vehicles certainly turn heads. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz has a few new performance-based cars like the AMG-GT that have been popular. The new A-Class and GLB offer a more affordable entry-level vehicle for the luxury car brand.

No your eyes don’t decieve you, Kia is on the list

In recent years, U.S. News would not include Kia on a luxury car brand list. However, times are changing, and Kia is too. The Kia 900 and Stinger vehicles have both stepped up for the brand, and buyers have noticed. Both of these vehicles have above-average predicted reliability ratings, plus the industry-leading Kia warranty. The Stinger and 900 have a lot to offer drivers, and it is likely Kia continues to expand the luxury car offerings in the future.

Audi was included, but not for reliability

Audi sells many models in the U.S., including sedans, coupes, crossovers, and even a supercar. In years past, the reliability ratings for Audi haven’t been great. The brand has improved that, with most of the lineup scoring at least average reliability ratings. Audi offers the A3, A4, A6, A8, A5, A7, TT, and R8. For SUVs, the Q3, Q5, Q7, and Q8 are offered. Though the vehicle names are anything but creative, the extensive lineup is still impressive. Don’t overlook the Quattro all-wheel drive system, either.

Tesla vehicles are packed with luxury and technology

Tesla offers only electric vehicles, and that it does well. Tesla once offered a roadster and eventually offered a Cubertruck, but mostly focuses on sedans and an SUV. The new Tesla Model S has made quite a splash for its impressive speed numbers, while the Tesla Model 3 is an all-around crowd-pleaser. The Model X SUV and Model Y crossover have a little more room for families. These are fairly expensive, except the Model 3, but have enough technology to make it worthwhile.

Genesis is new but solid reliable luxury car brand

An image of a 2021 Genesis G80 parked outdoors.
2021 Genesis G80

The Genesis brand is another one that U.S. News might not have included a few years back. Part of the Hyundai brand, Genesis focuses on luxury sedans and SUVs with high safety ratings. With that, the reliability ratings are also worth nothing. The Hyundai warranty is 10-years, 100,000-miles, which matches the Kia warranty. U.S. News suggests the 2021 Genesis G70 as the top-rated luxury small car on the list.

Don’t count out the Porsche brand

Porsche is a luxury car brand that does it all! The Porsche 911 was even rated the most dependable car of 2021 by J.D. Power. The brand has won the Best Luxury Brand from U.S. News for two years in a row, and that’s no surprise. Porsche offers the Boxter, Cayman, and 911 for smaller cars. The Panamera is a newer four-door sports car option, and the Taycan is a new electric option. The Cayenne and Macan also satisfy the SUV categories. Porsche is a well-rounded brand that can be expensive but also offers a reliable lineup for buyers.

Overall, brands have been pivoting to listen to market demand, and buyers seem to notice. While some luxury car brands focus on either cars or SUVs, it is becoming more likely to have a more well-rounded lineup. Don’t overlook the reliable luxury cars and warranties. While some of these might cost more upfront, the safety and technology could pay off down the line.


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