Tony’s Touch Auto Detailing Won’t Ask Questions; They Just ‘Get the Job DONE’

Car detailers love to show off the nastiest cars they’ve cleaned. The before and after is what it’s all about in the world of cleaning cars. Tony’s Touch, a car detailer in the Chicago area, recently posted one hell of a before and after. The photo showed what looked like the aftermath of a mob hit. The light-colored interior in the photo is covered in an explosion of red. The gory-looking photo sent the internet into a tizzy. Tony’s Touch posted the photo with the caption, “We don’t ask questions; we get the job DONE.” 

Will Car detailers clean blood out of your interior? 

I do not doubt that you can find a special shop to address those needs with the right connections. However, according to CarScoops, that isn’t what happened here. Despite the gruesome look of the scene, Tony’s assured concerned commenters that no injuries occurred here. 

The interior belongs to a Hyundai, not an S-Class Merc like we might have assumed such a scene to turn up. The shop also commented, “The point of this post is to show versatility when it comes to removing stains as well as great advertising.” 

Now, all that said, the shop never makes a point to assure those concerned that the stains aren’t blood. They only assure them that it isn’t a crime scene or associated with an injury. One commenter posits that it looks like it could actually be blood, just not the blood we tend to associate with someone named Tony in Chicago. The female commenter said she thought it could be the aftermath of childbirth. It could be that a pregnant woman was driven to the hospital, and the little one couldn’t wait long enough. 

No matter the cause of the stains are, the PR department at Tony’s Touch is genius. This ad has flown around the internet at light speed. 

How much does car detailing cost? 

A Hyundai interior that appears to have blood stains on he rear seats
Bloody Interior | Tony’s Touch Auto Detailing

Car detailing takes a lot of time and attention to detail. Tony’s Touch mentions in the ad that “Emergency details…” (with a drop of blood emoji) “start at $200+.” I guess Tony is ready and willing to cover the nastiest of detailing.

There are many other reasons to get your car detailed, though. And while Tony charges $200+ for his services, typical detailing, when it’s not cleaning buckets of blood, usually starts around $125 depending on the job and the region where the shop is located. 

Is automotive detailing worth it? 


As Used Car Prices Surge It Might Be Time to Invest in Car Maintenance

Detailing is one of the unsung heroes of automotive maintenance. A good detail can completely change how a car looks and feels.

Detailing can cover the interior and exterior. Doing this level of deep cleaning can not only make you enjoy your car more, but others will likely enjoy it more too. In this crazy automotive market we are in today, sellers don’t need much help getting top dollar, but in normal life, getting a car you hope to sell detailed before listing can make a huge difference. A clean car is an appealing car. 

Just remember: if you need questionable stains removed from your car’s interior but you don’t want to answer those questions, go on down to Tony’s Touch Auto Detailing.