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Tom Brady is one of the most talented quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000. By 2002, he had won his first Super Bowl. Since then, he has gone on to win a total of eight Super Bowls and has won four Super Bowl MVPs. There is no doubt that throughout his 19-year career, he has been the most dominant NFL player that the world has ever seen.

Many people are aware of his impressive athletic abilities, however, what you may not know is that he has other talents as well. One of those talents is being able to design cars. When you are as talented as Tom Brady, not just any car will do. Of course, it has to be a car that is just as impressive as he is.

That is why a few years ago, Aston Martin and Tom Brady teamed up to design one of the most stunning a rarest car that has ever been on the road. So, what does Tom Brady’s signature car look like? Keep reading to find out.

What makes Aston Martin cars so special?

In 1913, two automotive engineers named Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford came up with a plan to build a powerful and fast car that could be both fun and exhilarating to drive. Back then, their abilities were somewhat limited on what they were able to produce. But by the late ’20s, Aston Martin cars were not only competing in international speed races, but they were coming in the first place almost every time.

Since the beginning, the Aston Martin brand has had one goal: To make a stunning car that has the most impressive power and style of any car on the road. When you look at any Aston Martin car today, you can tell that it still has the same goal as it always had. Since around 2005, every Aston Martin car has been equipped with either a V8 or V12 engine. No matter what model you are looking at, you will find a breathtaking combination of unique style and unparalleled power.

Over the years, Aston Martin has become a status symbol. Not only are the cars rare to find on the road, but they can also cost more than some people’s homes.

Tom Brady’s signature Aston Martin

Tom Brady has put his own personal touches on the Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante. The Volante is a convertible version of the Vanquish S models. It comes equipped with a 6.0-liter, 580 hp V12 engine that is capable of going from 0 to 63 mph in just 3.5 seconds.

With the special Tom Brady edition, the car features a stunning marine black exterior. On the door, you will find Brady’s handwritten signature. The iconic Aston Martin badge as well as the “TB12” logo can also be found between the front wheel and the door seam. 

Brady was very proud of the car that he had helped to create. In a statement, Tom Brady had said, “We started with a blank canvas and finished with a beautiful car. It’s been great to see it all come to fruition.”

How rare is this car?

Because Tom Brady’s jersey number is 12, it has been decided that only 12 of the Tom Brady special edition Vanquish S Volantes will be produced. It is suspected that all of the cars have already been purchased by a dozen lucky car enthusiasts. However, if you do happen to find one for sale, be prepared to take out a second mortgage on your home if you are wanting to buy it. The estimated cost of this special edition supercar is around $360,000.

With its rich racing history and legendary performance, it’s no wonder why Brady decided to team up with Aston Martin in order to make an iconic car. There is an old saying that goes: “It takes a champion to know a champion.” When you consider that statement, the pairing of Tom Brady and Aston Martin makes perfect sense.