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An image of a Lamborghini Urus SUV rolling down the road.
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The Lamborghini Urus Might Actually Be Too Popular

During the 1950s, when founder Ferruccio Lamborghini was crafting his first production models, he wanted to set his vehicles apart by designing them for peak performance on streets and roads, rather than the track. This bet against track-oriented brands, such as Ferrari, paid off in a major way, and Lamborghini cars continue to be collector’s …
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2020 Audi S8: Everything You Need to Know

For the CEO who wants a high-performance luxury sedan, Audi presents its new 2020 S8. Developed in 1996 as the sportier variant of the flagship A8, the S8 was the star of some memorable car chases in the 1998 action thriller Ronin.  Audi has enhanced the fourth-generation S8 significantly in order to offer a more …
a new navigator in motion on city streets
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2020 Lincoln Navigator Gets More Standard Features

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is set to launch all over the country in just a few short months. As one of the most popular vehicles within its class, the Navigator is loaded to the brim with class, design, and performance. And the new 2020 Navigator is set to be better than ever, with even more …
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The Pikes Peak Hillclimb Record Was Just Broken By a Bentley

Everything about the Bentley Continental GT whispers comfort and luxury. It’s a gleaming grand tourer sporting a sloping roof and a large rectangular grille that’s impossible to miss. A peek inside is further proof of its opulence: custom-made wood trim and soft leather seats, with overall superb styling. This tastefully posh ride is favored by celebrities …
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2021 Acura MDX and TLX May Have Just Leaked

For more than three decades, Acura’s luxury vehicles have appealed to drivers who are looking for safe, comfortable, and luxurious rides. Like their parent company, Honda, Acura has crafted its vehicles with sensible features that are both reliable and modern. And, as the years have passed, Acura has also kept up with vehicle trends, including …
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2020 BMW X6: Everything You Need to Know

An automotive category-killer was born when BMW introduced the X6 back in 2007. The automaker grafted a grand tourer body onto an SUV platform and marketed it as a sports activity coupe. Now a third-generation X6 is shouldering its way on to the scene, set to compete with the likes of more conventional SUVs such …
BMW i3 s | BMW
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Here’s Why BMW Chose to Slowly and Carefully Introduce Electric Cars

Although BMW got an early start on the electrification drive with cars such as the i3, it did not make the most of that lead, eventually falling behind Tesla and Mercedes-Benz in the end. Unlike competitors such as Volkswagen; which last year announced plans to produce 10 million vehicles on its electric platform, BMW chose not to jump into the deep end of …
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Here’s How the 2020 BMW X6 Compares to the Old One

The driver who chooses a BMW X6 wants to go off the beaten path, and we don’t necessarily mean off-roading. With a grand touring body stacked on top of an SUV platform, the X6 is BMW’s quirkiest crossover. Among its competitors are the more conventional Audi Q7 and the Volvo XC90. Quirky doesn’t mean unpopular, however. BMW …