2020 Lexus LS 500 F Sport
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The Least Reliable Lexus

As you already know, Lexus is a car brand reputed for dependability. Not all 2020 models hold true to this dogma, however. One sedan that has enjoyed prestige as a Lexus favorite fell short big time, according to Consumer Reports. The 2018 redesign of this popular Lexus sedan didn’t pack the punch we hoped it …

2020 Ford Fusion safety feature graphic
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Ford Is the Worst at Telling Parents About Teen Safety Features in New Study

With more vehicles offering extensive safety features, it’s more important than ever that drivers understand how they work. Particularly teen drivers, who rely upon their parents to choose a safe car. However, while these advanced driver-assistance features can reduce parental worries, they can also cause headaches. Especially if, as a recent IIHS study says about …

Nissan Ambulance in Dublin
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Nissan Deploys Its First Electric Ambulance But How Does It Measure Up?

On Monday, Nissan announced that it deployed its first zero-emission electric ambulance. It was created for service with the Tokyo Fire Department. It is good to see fleet services slowly switching over to alternative forms of motivation. But, how does this new Nissan ambulance measure up to traditional ambulances in the United States? RELATED: 8 Electric Cars You Can Buy For …

The RAM 2500 at the Chicago Auto Show
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Auction-Bought Dream Truck Has Ominous Past

Sooner or later and the artificial intelligence on the internet will point an automotive enthusiast to an ad for government seized vehicles at auction. Government auctions of seized vehicles can provide some really good deals to bidders. But, beware, some of these vehicles have a past. One lucky purchaser was able to pick up the Ram 3500 of his dreams, …

A worker polishes the hood of a Toyota Matrix during the first Media preview day at the Chicago Auto Show
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Why the Toyota Matrix Kicked the Bucket

Toyota makes some of the most popular cars on the road, but Toyota, like other automakers, hasn’t been flawless. Toyota has made mistakes in the past, but sometimes, Toyota’s mistake is avoiding making mistakes at all. Here’s a look at the Toyota Matrix, a hatchback that was based on the Corolla. What was new with …

Ram 1500 diesel trucks for sale at a car lot.
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Shopping for Trucks With a $5k Budget

Buying a new truck every five years or so is not always financially possible. So, used trucks are an option that many people consider. But what if your budget is more like $5,000? What kind of truck is available at that price point, and what pitfalls can be avoided? Don’t spend it all First off, if you are considering purchasing a vehicle with …

Tesla Model 3
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Tesla Exhaust Systems Are Real

The attraction to Tesla vehicles is that they are electric vehicles. As such, they do not need or have an exhaust system. But, lifelong automotive enthusiasts may that purchase them may still end up missing the warble of a throaty exhaust note. Now, there is a solution for the silent Tesla. RELATED: Does the Tesla Model 3 Make for a …