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The balance between a monster camper van or RV that has literally every amenity known to our universe and the more practical smaller camper vans that may cut some corners but ultimately get you to where you need to go much more affordably can be hard to hit. Thankfully, there are a few companies now trying too hard to make better smaller campers. This new tiny camper van from Ahorn is the small, affordable RV the world needs right now. 

profile view of the Ahorn camper van
Ahorn Van Big City | Ahorn

Why are RVs so expensive? 

As with most recreational items, RV makers understand that this is a luxury for most people, and they charge for them accordingly. However, just because these camper vans and motorhomes are usually toys shouldn’t mean that only the very wealthy can access them

It is not uncommon for many camper vans and motorhomes to cost well north of $100,000. In fact, many can cost north of $500,000. That is why having more and better affordable camper vans, and RVs is a strong play as the interest in these machines has exploded. 

Ahorn’s tiny camper van is a welcome addition to the party

overhead ghost view of the interior of the Ahorn small camper van
Interior | Ahorn

We’ve recently seen the Ford Nugget get a “plus” version that makes Ford’s tiny camper van a touch bigger by adding a bathroom. Now Ahorn is on the scene with its tiny camper featuring a bathroom, kitchenette, and plenty of lounging and sleeping space. 

According to New Atlas, German camper van makers, Ahorn, have also grown its Van City mini-camper. The 2020 model was a huge hit with European campers, but its tiny wheelbase didn’t accommodate a bathroom which was a problem for many campers. The 2022 Van Big City mini-camper has grown a mere 16-inches and has a bathroom. 

Now built using the Renault Traffic as its base, the 2022 Van Big City, now measuring 213-inches and with a new layout, has found room to squeeze a bathroom inside. As New Atlas says, the Ahorn is only 2.4-inches longer than the Ford Nugget Plus, but the Germans have managed to make the Van Big City a bit more useable, and the bathroom offers more privacy. 

How nice is the Ahorn tiny camper van’s bathroom

The new Ahorn is a tiny camper that still manages to fit a bathroom.
Ahorn Van Big City bathroom | Ahorn

Well, unlike the Nugget Plus, the Ahron’s is divided from the rest of the van by two hard walls and a sliding divider for the rest. The Nugget plus has more of a standalone tailgate toilet with a privacy screen. However, a mark against the Big City’s bathroom is that when the pop-top is up, the bathroom’s ceiling gets raised, making it more of a public bathroom stall than a stand-alone bathroom. 

All those things considered, the Ahorn’s Big City camper van bathroom is pretty remarkable for how small the unit is. 

What else does this affordable RV have inside? 

Here is a pic pf the bed unfolded in this affordable RV
Ahorn Van Big City bed | Ahorn

The Van Big City has an L-shaped kitchen block next to the bathroom and comes equipped with a two-burner stove, stainless steel sink, and a 41-liter compressor fridge.

The kitchenette is also stationed in the rear of the tiny camper van with the bathroom. This means that, unlike most camper vans, the practical equipment is in the back, and the lounge and sleeping quarters are in the front. 

Continuing the trend of abnormality, the Ahorn doesn’t rely on swiveling front seats; it has somehow managed to fit a bench directly behind the front two seats. This bench faces the dinette table, which converts into a 52 x 72-in double bed at night, joining the 48 x 78-in pop-up roof double in sleeping a full family of four.

How much does this affordable RV cost? 

Considering many RVs and camper vans can easily clear $100,000, the Ahorn Van Big City’s starting price of $51,875 is pretty hard to beat. Even the Ford Nugget Plus costs more by nearly $17,000. Unfortunately, like the Nugget Plus, we likely won’t see the Ahorn in American anytime soon. 


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