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If you haven’t been keeping up with this TikTok drama, we don’t blame you. However, the story with Matt Heller’s Lamborghini Aventador and the black Audi that rear-ended him just got a lot more interesting.

What is going on with Hornblasters’ Matt Heller and his Lamborghini Aventador?

The Lamborghini Aventador belonging to Matt Heller sideswiped an Audi and the drama unfolded on TikTok.
A Lamborghini Aventador similar to the one involved in the drama | Sebastian Derungs/AFP via Getty Images)

A few days ago, Matt Heller of Hornblasters and this individual got into an accident. Hornblasters is an online horn store with the “loudest horns & horn kits” available. Heller posted a video of the accident on TikTok after the gas station attendant offered the footage. In the video, a girl comes up to the car accusing him of hitting her car. Her first comment was, “When I was at a red light, you went in front of me and hit my car.” That doesn’t exactly sound plausible, but is it?

From the footage provided, it does appear that she hit his car. It is obvious she hit his vehicle. However, it seems Heller left a lot of the story out. The girl in the Audi, whose name is Maddy according to her TikTok (@maddygilsoul1), released some other footage.

In Maddy’s version of events, the white Lamborghini Aventador sideswiped the black Audi at a light. Not long after, the Lamborghini almost takes out a cyclist before taking off. Right after that is when the initial accident occurred with the Audi hitting the back of the Lamborghini. It isn’t clear from either video what type of Audi it is, but it is a small sedan.

Matt Heller’s Lamborghini Aventador vs. the black Audi vs. the internet

The internet collectively attacked the Audi driver initially, after the first set of accident footage was released. Maddy posted footage of her own on TikTik, and Heller has been silent ever since. The footage is still up on his personal YouTube account under the “Matthew Heller” name. Maddy says she is suing Heller for defamation and some other things. Plus, she threw another jab with a comment on her video, “Why does your insurance say you drive a Volkswagen sweetheart?”

For now, everyone is issuing updates and retractions to the initial story. It doesn’t appear that anyone was physically hurt, but many egos have been bruised in the drama. This accident is one of those situations where it would have been better to get both sides of the story first. However, viral drama is a big moneymaker these days, and Heller already has 64,000 views on his personal YouTube channel.

Neither insurance company is going to be happy

The black Audi was involved in two accidents with the Lamborghini, which is an expensive fix. Both parties have footage of the incident, but it is pretty conflicting. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if it plays out publicly. Both cars sustained quite a bit of damage, but the Aventador will be a lot more expensive to fix. Hopefully, everyone had updated insurance!

Was this all faked for the internet? Anything is possible these days, but this was an expensive trick if that is the case. Someone find that guy on the bike that the Lamborghini almost took out. He might be able to solve this case.


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