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Some say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. But that isn’t always true. So, has Tiger Woods’ February car accident in a Genesis GV80 brought positive or negative attention to the new SUV? Here’s a look at the GV80’s sales figures since the crash and details about this vehicle’s safety features and ratings. 

Tiger Woods’ February 2021 car crash

Although celebrity news isn’t something everyone follows closely, Tiger Woods‘ February accident made headlines. He sustained serious leg injuries and underwent surgery following the rollover crash. According to Fox Business, first responders said Woods was lucky to be alive after such a horrific accident. 

Some observers wondered if Woods’ vehicle, a Genesis GV80 luxury SUV, caused the accident because it had debuted only a few months earlier. The SUV was a loaner because Woods had recently hosted a Genesis-sponsored golf tournament. But in the aftermath, most attributed the crash to irresponsible driving on a notoriously dangerous road. 

But has the publicity affected the GV80’s sales?

Genesis GV80 sales figures before and after the crash

Let’s make this clear: We’re speculating here. It’s difficult to say the impact Tiger Woods’ crash may have had on the Genesis GV80. That’s because the vehicle came out only a few months before the crash. There isn’t a huge dataset because there are only two full months of sales figures before the news of his accident broke. 

That said, GoodCarBadCar lists the number of sales per month since the Genesis GV80 debuted in November 2020. The luxury SUV sold only 58 units stateside in that first month. But it hit about 1,500 sales in December 2020 and January 2021. In the month of his crash, February, sales dipped to around 1,300. However, sales have steadily grown each month since. May saw the highest sales volume yet, at just above 2,000. 

Those numbers might indicate a slight ding in sales because of Woods’ crash, but the February dip could be unrelated. Either way, Fox Business reported that Google searches for the Genesis GV80 skyrocketed after the public learned it was the vehicle involved in the crash.

Safety features in the Genesis GV80

One silver lining for the Genesis GV80 is that the driver lived to tell his story after a terrifying rollover. Coincidentally, the GV80 earned a Top Safety Pick+ designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It’s the highest honor the IIHS bestows. And to become a Top Safety Pick+, a vehicle must score at least a “Good” or “Acceptable” rating on every test. 

The Genesis GV80 scored “Good” or “Superior” in almost every parameter. That could make anyone wonder whether Woods’ accident might’ve ended tragically had he been driving a vehicle with inferior crash test ratings. 

Though we can’t say the infamous accident directly affected Genesis GV80 sales, we can say it’s a safe SUV


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