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Have you seen Tiger Woods’ all-American luxury car collection recently? When the professional golfer isn’t racking up points at The Masters, he’s driving around in some pretty sweet rides. That is, if you consider American luxury SUVs sweet rides.

Tiger Woods’ Buick Enclave deal set off his all-American luxury car collection

Tiger Woods luxury car collection included a Buick Enclave
Tiger Woods Unveils the Buick Enclave at Art Center College of Design | Chris Weeks/WireImage

The Buick Enclave is perhaps one of the most well-known cars linked to Tiger Woods’ luxury car collection without an infamous story. The Boston Herald reported that Buick had a long-term deal with Woods in the early 2000s. It was always humorous to hear the pro golfer say his favorite car was a Buick, but he did get paid to say that.

Woods was photographed arriving at events in the Enclave and did his best to encourage others to hop in the wannabe luxury SUV, but it didn’t really work. Buick sold more of the Enclave SUV than ever before (or after), but it didn’t wasn’t enough to keep the $7 million contract.

Tiger Woods’ luxury car collection had a Cadillac Escalade at one point

Tiger Woods' Cadillac Escalade history
The Florida Highway Patrol photographed Tiger Woods’ Cadillac Escalade on December 2, 2009, in Orlando, Florida | Florida Highway Patrol via Getty Images

Everyone remembers Tiger Woods crashing his Cadillac Escalade SUV. The incident was splashed all over the media as it coincided with an affair he was having. Neighbors found Woods lying in the street after hitting a fire hydrant. Oddly enough, Woods never owned the luxury SUV. GM lent the vehicle to him for a publicity deal, which promptly ended after the incident. Don’t worry; the Escalade lived a happy life after retreating from the public eye.

Woods owned a Mercedes-Benz S65 for a period of time

You might remember the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG in his luxury car collection. Police arrested Woods for suspicion of driving under the influence in Florida back in 2017. Photos of the incident were shared on social media and showed damage to the luxury sedan. Motorious says the Benz had flat tires, bent wheels, and torn bodywork at the time of the arrest, but it isn’t clear what happened before police pulled him over. When the police happened upon the car, Woods had already stopped it on the side of the road. Police impounded the Mercedes that night and it was never seen again.

The Lamborghini Murcielago is an outsider in this luxury car collection

The Lamborghini Murcielago is definitely an outlier in this luxury car collection. Woods tends to stick to luxury SUVs, except when it comes to the Murcielago. Can you even fit a set of golf clubs in the Lamborghini? Perhaps he needed a Sunday vehicle for his luxury car collection. Woods wasn’t photographed in the Lamborghini very much, and its status in his collection is unknown.

The Buick Velite was a concept car that is now an EV in China

Tiger loves a concept car like the Buick Velite. Woods posed next to the Velite at events even though it was only ever a concept car in the early 2000s. Buick introduced the Velite in China as an electric vehicle last year in a fun twist of events. Buick was ahead of its time.

As a family man, Tiger Woods’ luxury car collection seems to consist mainly of luxury SUVs loaned to him from automakers. That’s a pretty good deal on his end of things. These days, Woods is back in the public eye but trying to keep the discussion on his golf game and not his dating game.


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