Thrilling Information About The New 2021 Ford F-150

The 2021 Ford F-150 is coming. That’s one of the facts we can count on. However, this truck hasn’t been officially revealed yet. All we have to go off of are leaked photos, rumors, and sneak peeks. But, even though our current information is very limited at the moment, our excitement can’t be contained.

What To Expect With The New 2021 Ford F-150 

Since the first F-Series trucks were released in 1948, they have become an essential staple as reliable working trucks. When the F-150 was streamlined to have a smoother ride and better fuel economy, they became even more popular and continue to remain on top today.

The Ford F-150 has been through a lot of changes and improvements over the past few decades, and the 2021 will receive a slight facelift as well. 

From leaked spy photos, we can gather that the Ford F-150 will have features borrowed from the Ford Ranger. The new, slimmer grille and redesigned headlights are the most notable changes we’ve seen so far. 

The grille has a single crossbar instead of a double one, and the headlights feature a C-shape LED bar that wraps around the headlights. 

New day time running lights will extend from the headlights down to the fog lights to meet a new, curvier bumper. It looks like the mirrors have a sleeker redesign as well. Overall, it feels smooth yet still aggressive. 

The all-electric version, (yes, we said all-electric version) will have a grille that’s closed off to resemble the new Mustang Mach-E battery-powered car. Also, rumors suggest that the new 2021 high-performance Raptor will have a diamond mesh grille with FORD written across it. 

While we can’t determine if the tailgate or rear bumper has a new look, it does seem like the taillights were redesigned. Along with the basic tailgate, the wheel well don’t appear to have changed much. 

The side kinks in the doors also seem the same so far. This is despite being unable to have a clear look at them aside from renderings. The doors will also have keypads. 

Now if we go back to the words ‘all-electric’, we can also speculate that the Ford F-150 will introduce a hybrid powertrain to its line-up along with a fully electric and internal combustion engine options. 

We haven’t been able to take a peek at the interior, but if Ford is teasing us with an all-electric model, they can’t skimp with the same old basic stuff. Or at least we hope not. 

We would like to see a new dash and more luxurious seats with an all-new infotainment center that incorporates advanced tech. But the current system will at least be adequate. 

Hopefully, we can receive new information about the 2021 Ford F-150 soon. Rumors suggest that production already began in Dearborn, with plans to ramp up to full production in August. This would allow for a debut at the New York Auto Show in April or in Detroit in June. 

But unfortunately, we aren’t sure if COVID-19 will disrupt production or not as factories close to contain the spread.