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Legos are not just for kids anymore. In recent years Lego has released some fantastic sets aimed at older audiences. The sets targeted to the 18 and over crowd include subject matter like pop culture, architecture, and our favorite, cars. Some of the car-themed sets from the plastic brick manufacturer have really impressed us.

There are a few standouts like the Lego Technic Lamborghini Sian, but for the most part, all of the Speed Champions and car-themed Technic sets are great. However, there are countless different makes and models of automobiles out in the world, and Lego has not even scratched the surface. After thinking about it, we came up with a group of cars that do not currently have a Lego counterpart but should.

Honda Civic Type R

Blue 2021 Honda Civic Type R hatchback.
2021 Honda Civic Type R | Honda

The Honda Civic Type R is arguably the best Civic Honda has ever produced. Some could say that it sits on the thrown of hot hatches that are available today. It has respectable performance, aggressive looks, and plenty of street cred.

There is also the fact that it is part of a linage of performance cars from Honda. Several generations of Civic Type Rs have come before the current FK8 generation, and each of them has added to the model’s legend. We think a Lego set of Honda’s heroic hatchback would be the perfect addition to our collection.

BMW E30 M3

A red BMW M3 E30 generation.
BMW M3 E30 | BMW

The M3 model has an even longer and more storied history than the Civic mentioned above Type R. For decades, the M3 has been known as the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. BMW has raced the M3 for generations in several motorsport disciplines, and it has always performed exceptionally. The M3 has remained a benchmark for all other manufacturers who have looked to produce an excellent sports car that someone can drive daily.

The M3 legend started way back in 1972 with the original E30 M3. The E30 M3’s “box flare” fenders and rear spoiler clearly conveyed that it was no ordinary 3-series. The E30’s simple shape lends to its visual apparel. It is also one of the most sought-after M3s among collectors. Some have spent well over six figures at auctions for a mint condition example. For those of us who cannot afford to do that, a Lego set would work nicely.

Aston Martin Vulcan

A grey Aston Martin Vulcan supercar photographed on an empty landing strip.
Aston Martin Vulcan | Aston Martin

There are “hypercars,” and then there is the Aston Martin Vulcan. While all the current Aston Martin talk revolves around the Valkyrie, before that came the Vulcan. The Aston Martin Vulcan was the brand’s first foray into producing a weekend track-only hypercar. Though with some modifications, it can be made street-legal.

We think that the Aston Martin Vulcan would make for a great Lego Technic set. Technic sets are more advanced and generally have more detail, and pieces like the Lamborghini Sian set we mentioned earlier. However, we would have no problem spending hours putting a Lego Technic Aston Martin Vulcan together.

These are just a few of the cars that we would love to see as future Lego sets but they are certainly not the only ones. We only hope that we can find the room (and money) if all the cars we want to see as Lego sets were actually made.


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