This Year’s Most Comfortable SUV Front Seats According To Consumer Reports

SUVs are rising in popularity, and it’s not without reason. They are practical, spacious and in the past few years, manufacturers have even made them stylish. With that in mind, we realize that the SUV is not just a family car, but chances are if you have one, you have a heart for practicality. After space and reliability, how comfortable a car is for the driver is a question that comes to mind, and you don’t realize how bad of a time you could be having until you have a truly uncomfortable driver’s seat. You’ve seen Consumer Reports best SUVs of 2020, but what do they think are the most comfortable SUVs of the year?

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan won the Consumer Report team’s opinion for most comfortable front seats among the various small SUV contenders this year. The Tiguan has a starting price of around $25,000 making it an affordable option for comfort. Appearance-wise, the Tiguan interior and eats are nothing to look twice at, they are pretty basic and don’t have the ‘wow’ factor of some more expensive higher-end cars. The seat design is overall comfortable with a decent amount of padding, and they can be adjusted in several ways along with two ways to adjust the lumbar support.

comfortable tiguan front seats
2020 Volkswagen Tiguan | Interior

Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is up next and takes the place of most comfortable front seats among midsized SUVs. The front seats of the Durano were definitely designed with comfort in mind. Plushly padded with lots of support, you could spend hours commuting to work, driving to soccer games, or on a road trip without getting a stiff back. The material used for the padding makes the seats a little bit stiffer, giving them a more ergonomics-first feeling than making you want to relax into a La-Z-Boy recliner. The base models start at $30,000 and higher-end models top out at around $62,000 but offer more adjustments that can be made to the front seats.

comfortable dodge durango interior
2020 Dodge Durango | Interior


The BMW X5 makes the list as the luxury SUV with the most comfortable front seats of the year. The X5 has a beautiful interior with mostly decent looking seats, not as luxurious as some high-end Mercedes but still incredibly comfortable. The front seats feature a number of electronically adjustable seating options, and the bottom seat cushion can be manually extended for additional leg support. The leatherette material covering the seats is comfortable to the touch and rigid enough that you don’t have to worry about much wear or tear after a few years.

2020 BMW X5 Drive45e | Interior

How Reliable Is the Volkswagen Tiguan?

While there are still many more SUVs that have comfortable and beautiful interiors, these are what Consumer Report claims are the cream of the crop. All three SUVs are great options for more than just their comfortable front seats and offer all of the styling and practicality you could dream of from an SUV – but being comfortable is definitely a great, underrated perk.