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There are options when you taste for adventure in the wilderness but don’t want to commit to an RV or travel trailer. Cristin Whetten, also known on Instagram as @badassbrunette, turned her Toyota Tacoma pickup truck into a full-time camper. This one-of-a-kind truck offers all the necessities of a home in a small truck.

This Toyota Tacoma makes the perfect tiny house

This is Cristin Whetten's Toyota Tacoma Overland Camper converted from a midsize truck
Toyota Tacoma Overland Camper | Toyota

It might be hard to fit more than one person in Whetten’s Tacoma, but that doesn’t bother her. The sense of adventure and self-sufficiency has brought her to the wilderness and given her access to adventures most of us only dream of enjoying.

The camper portion of the Tacoma truck is completely homemade. The job was completed over two weeks on a driveway during winter. Once done, this truck was ready to head out on the trails and take Cristin to places where other vehicles couldn’t travel.

What does the camper Tacoma include?

Motor1 tells us this midsize truck began as a sleeper with room to bring heavy bins. Eventually, she converted it with a rooftop tent while the rear area of the cabin was turned into a storage area for necessary supplies. This area is where the refrigerator is located, giving Whetten easy access to her food supplies.

This converted Toyota Tacoma features a giant batwing awning that one person can open. That’s a big plus since Whetten prefers to travel alone. The awning covers three-quarters of the truck. There’s also:

  • Triple-layered window screens
  • Diesel heater
  • Roof-mounted solar panels
  • Portable potty
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Outdoor shower

Was this Toyota truck upgraded mechanically?

Yes, in order to support this entirely insulated rig, customizations were made to ensure the truck could handle the added weight and the off-road adventures Christin had in mind.

A specific buying philosophy went into this overland Toyota Tacoma

Overland Tacoma with Tent Up makes for the perfect wilderness vehicle
Overland Tacoma with Tent Up | Toyota

The idea of buying from and supporting smaller businesses can be baffling to some people, but Christin found ways to do this in her Tacoma camper truck. She bought many of the parts and accessories from smaller suppliers to allow this truck to be a bespoke example of what can be done when you live what you believe.

This Tacoma has made the rounds

This specialized Toyota Tacoma has been driven to various places including, Mexico. It has also been featured on Tiny Home Tours on YouTube. This truck was shown off at the Overland Expo West in 2018 at the Vagabond Outdoors booth.

Does this build give you a taste for adventure?

If you think you might want to follow the example, Cristin Whetten has set, or you’re looking for some inspiration to upgrade your truck. This impressive Toyota Tacoma converted to a camper is pretty cool. What will you do with your adventure vehicle?

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