This Truck with Square Wheels Proved ‘Mythbusters’ Wrong

Everyone knows that square tires don’t work, right? Well, not exactly. Even though cavemen supposedly figured this out many moons ago, MythBusters still decided to put this theory to the test and proved that square wheels are inferior to round wheels.

Not everyone agreed with this, however, and the guys at Whistlin Diesel decided to prove MythBusters wrong. So what happened? It was the most epic mud fight of all time. 

Proving the masters wrong

When you decide to take on a show like MythBusters, it takes a lot of forethought and planning. You can’t just slap something together and say it works, and while the guys at Whistlin Diesel love destruction, there’s a method to their madness. 

MythBusters performed their test on pavement, but the guys at Whistlin Diesel decided to go with mud. But not just a simple mud puddle. This mud was three feet deep. If you’re scratching your head, don’t worry. So were we. There was actually some sound thought behind it, however. When MythBusters tried this stunt, everyone was jarred within an inch of their lives, and some probably had to check their fillings afterward. Since the guys at Whistlin Diesel didn’t want that to happen, they thought that the mud might act as a cushioning agent. 

On the day of the test, there were 4 inches of rain, making it nearly impossible for a vehicle with normal tires to get through. The team hoped that the square tires would make a difference and allow them to go where no round wheel has ever gone before. So did it work? Well, sort of. 

The moment of truth

A square pumpkin next to a round wheel
A square pumpkin next to a round wheel | Edelson/AFP via Getty Images

The Whistlin Diesel boys got into the truck and pressed the pedal to the metal. The back tires moved forward one agonizing flop at a time. The front wheels stayed put, and the wheels didn’t move in sync. But they were moving forward, and there was no massive jarring. Not yet, at least. What it was doing successfully was digging tiny trenches into the ground. While square wheels may not work on paved roads, they might have a future in farming for anyone who can’t afford a tractor. 

The truck did get stuck at one point, and the wheels had to be dug out. The square wheels dinged the body of the truck, much to everyone’s distress. Surprisingly, the guys from Whistlin Diesel were correct in their assumption that the deeper mud would help the wheels function better. As they reached the deeper patches of mud, the truck sped up dramatically, although the poor wheel axles were put through their paces. Even though there was no heavy metal playing, it looked like everyone in the truck was banging their heads to some epic beats.

Disaster strikes

As it turns out, square wheels have more to fear than pavement. The guys got stuck in an extremely deep puddle, and they covered their truck in mud as they tried to escape. The truck sank so deep that the back doors were underwater.

Rather than admit defeat, they switched out the front square tires for round tires. They kept the square tires on the back. This may seem like they were cheating, but hey, it’s all in the game. Still, this wasn’t enough to get out of the mess they were in, so someone had to tow them out.

Topping 50 mph

Most people would have given up at this point. After all, the point had been made, hadn’t it? Square tires work. They had proven it. But they hadn’t proven MythBusters wrong yet, which was the entire point. So what do they do? The guys jump back in the truck, which now has only two square wheels.

Two square wheels may sound more outlandish than four, it actually made a difference. Watch the video, and you have to look closely to see that the back wheels are square. From a distance, you can’t even tell. The mud was flying up so thick, it was difficult for the guys to see where they were going. It was all worth it, though. Not only did they top MythBusters’ speed of 12 mph, but they actually reached 50 mph. Things were starting to get rough, so they took a break and reconvened the next day.

Disaster strikes. Again.

The guys jumped back in the truck for round two and are tearing up the field even harder than they had the day before. They didn’t get off as lightly this time, however.

After hitting a huge hole, the truck comes to a complete stop, and won’t start. The guys get out to see what went wrong and are delighted to find that the driver’s side front wheel tire is barely hanging on. The back square tire is busted up and is definitely not going to get them home.

Further examination proves that the front tire is wrapped around the fender. The irony? The hole that destroyed the truck was the same one they got stuck in the previous day. So what’s the key takeaway from this video? Well, it’s simple. If you ever decide to buy a truck from these guys, make sure you check the CarFax report first.