This Truck Has the Most Comfortable Front Seats According to Consumer Reports

Should you find yourself in the market to buy a new mid-sized truck, you’ll likely consider all of the capabilities and performance options. In addition to functionality and durability, you should also find a truck with comfortable seats.

The average driver will spend almost 38,000 hours in the driver’s front seat, according to Harvard Health Watch. That’s nearly 800,000 miles and a lot of windshield time. You’d hate to spend it in an uncomfortable position. When it comes to the most comfortable front seats, one truck has you covered, according to Consumer Reports.

Honda Ridgeline voted most comfortable front seats

The Honda Ridgeline outpaced the competition on a variety of fronts, including comfort, versatility, and value. One key area of success is the refined spaciousness of the interior design.

Voted best front bucket seats, the Ridgeline makes individual comfort a priority. Features like large seats, adjustable inboard armrests, and plenty of headroom demonstrate that Honda invested in the Ridgeline’s design.

You may be more concerned with a vehicle’s performance or towing capabilities. But manufacturers know a top-performing truck, with all the bells and whistles, won’t hold up with the public if it doesn’t offer a comfortable experience.

A “good” seat is an individual preference. So, when automakers try to meet these unique needs, they must design a variety of adjustable mechanisms. They tap into the minds of specialists, like designers, ergonomic masters, and even biomedical engineers when configuring front-seat designs.

Front-seat comfort increases overall safety

A comfortable seat can improve safety for the driver. The Honda Ridgeline scores high marks all around for its front and back seat, as well as child safety, making it a very family-friendly truck option.

When it comes to safety, being comfortable in your seat means you’re adequately positioned for safety features, including the seat belt and airbags, to work as intended. Shifting in an uncomfortable seat may make you sit at an undesirable angle, which negates the safety features in place.

With the Honda Ridgeline specifically, the front seats offer plenty of positioning support and top-notch forward visibility for long trips. Improved comfort and visibility can translate to safer behind-the-wheel experiences overall.

Why the Honda Ridgeline wins

The Honda Ridgeline has always colored outside the lines in terms of design. It doesn’t tend to follow mid-sized truck traditions. Often leading with unconventional amenities, it continues to win the votes of consumers. This also means the Ridgeline is able to cater to a broader, more diverse market.

Its interior quality includes best-in-class spacious back seats, comfortable front seats, and inventive cargo solutions. Materials inside are of higher quality than those of its competitors. The cabin is roomy and remains quiet at highway speeds.

The seats themselves are large, offering ongoing thigh support and a level of comfort for almost any size of adult. Being comfortable allows your body to rest evenly and your muscles to relax. The additional options of versatile seat adjustability and armrest positioning makes it practically impossible not to find your comfort zone.

Consumer Reports evaluators drive vehicles — usually over thousands of miles — to evaluate front-seat support and comfort. These drivers range in size and stature, and they focus on adjustability, lower back, and hip support. In the end, it found that the best-in-class front seat of this year’s truck lineup is, hands down, the Honda Ridgeline.