This Toyota Tacoma Is Both Seriously Cool and Seriously Expensive

The Toyota Tacoma is pretty cool. That is, of course, if you’re a fan of pickups. But this particular Toyota Tacoma? It’s really cool. In fact, it’s basically the definition of cool. From its natural ability to conquer even the roughest trails to its dual-paned safari-style windows and cozy interior, the TruckHouse BCT is the kind of Toyota Tacoma that everyone needs. 

The Toyota Tacoma TruckHouse BCT parked
Toyota Tacoma TruckHouse BCT | TruckHouse

The TruckHouse BCT makes the Toyota Tacoma irresistible

At the core of the TruckHouse BCT is a range-topping Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. Although, it is worth mentioning that TruckHouse will let you choose whichever Tacoma model you’d like them to use if you do happen to purchase your very own TruckHouse BCT. Either way, every one of these Toyota Tacoma overland builds comes outfitted with a single-piece carbon fiber reinforced composite house.

“We selected the Toyota Tacoma for its modest size, maneuverability, and proven longevity. We then built a carbon fiber reinforced composite house to match everything we love about the truck and its utility. Toyota builds special vehicles, especially the Tacoma, so it made sense to start with that as our foundation,” explained TruckHouse COO and co-founder, Nicolo Monforte.

BCT overlanding camper based on a Toyota Tacoma TRD
BCT overlanding camper based on a Toyota Tacoma TRD | Truckhouse

Step inside the TruckHouse BCT’s composite house and you’ll find that while it may be on the smaller side, it’s perfectly livable. It features two beds, hydronic heating, plenty of windows, an oversized skylight, and integrated blinds and screens. It even has a number of overland luxuries onboard, including a 32-inch TV, air conditioning, and a Bosch oven. Tack on extra features like heated floors and this Toyota Tacoma is practically perfect.

But that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Monforte said, “We started by breaking down what the perfect overland camping experience was to us, and from there we built the most capable and livable vehicle we could imagine.”

The interior of the BCT
The interior of the BCT. | TruckHouse

You can count on the TruckHouse BCT to conquer the trails with ease

But the TruckHouse BCT is more than a mobile basecamp. CarScoops reports that this adventure-ready Toyota Tacoma also comes equipped with everything that you need to conquer the trails with absolute ease. It features an Expedition long-travel suspension, front and rear drilled and slotted disc brakes, a fully fabricated rear axle, high output alternator, high clearance front and rear bumpers, and oversized all-terrain tires. It also comes standard with recovery ladders and off-road accessory lighting.

According to TruckHouse CEO and co-founder, Matt Linder, “The BCT is built for those who desire a similar footprint of a van, the living space of a Class C RV, the capability of a purpose-built 4×4, and the fit, finish, and dependability of a high-end yacht.”

The front of TruckHouse BCT
The front of the BCT. | TruckHouse

Taco Tuesday: Overland Build Is Half the Cost of a Brand New Toyota Tacoma

But this Tacoma will cost you a serious amount of cash

But don’t expect the TruckHouse BCT to be cheap. You shouldn’t even expect it to be affordable, actually. TruckHouse says that it only plans on manufacturing a limited number of BCTs in 2021. The entry-level model will boast an introductory base price of $285,000, while fully optioned rigs are expected to cost upwards of $380,000. So, as cool as this Toyota Tacoma may be? It’s really, and I mean really, seriously, expensive.