This Siberian Design Tiger Camper Gets Slashed by the Bengal

Sometimes the best way to experience nature is by going deep in an off-road vehicle. The fall camping season is here. What better way to go out into the will than, well, inside of an off-road pickup truck that’s also a motorhome? If you’re yearning to leave the concrete behind, you know it’s not always a simple feat. However, if you’re looking to find a home away from home out in the backcountry, this Siberian design Tiger camper RV is a great way to do it. You can load it all into this off-road monster and just disappear.

interior would detail and pass through into the cabin of the Bengal camper RV off-road truck
Bengal Camper Interior | Tiger Adventure Vehicles

This adventurous pickup truck camper is brought to production by Tiger Adventure Vehicles. However, a new model called the Bengal camper will take over as the company’s sole role. Apparently, there were certain components of the Siberian camper design that created a lag at times. Due to the need for a faster production cycle from start to sale, Tiger Adventure Vehicles announced that the Siberian and the Malayan models. The company made a decision to focus every resource on only the Bengal truck camper for now.

Siberian design Tiger camper

This truck isn’t just a capable off-road pickup truck, it’s also a fully functional camper RV. The Siberian Tiger truck camper starts around $250k. Built on a Ford pickup truck chassis, the standard powertrain is a turbocharged diesel. Plus, there’s an option for an aggressive brush guard, specialty off-road lights, and a winch rated for up to 16,500 pounds. Like the Bengal camper, you can get one over any heavy-duty domestic truck chassis.

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Of course, the Siberian Tiger camper RV truck has all terrain tires that come standard. Plus, you can always upgrade to an even beefier off-road pickup truck tire upon request. But off-road capability isn’t this Tiger camper’s only strength.

More than just a ‘powerful off-road presence’

In addition to being able to go where you want, the Siberian Tiger camper RV pickup truck is equipped for fully off-grid living. There is a full-size spare tire on a mount that swings on a hinge in the rear. Additionally, there is a ladder back there for easy rooftop access. You’ll want to access the roof if you need to check on the solar panels atop your off-road RV.

The Tiger camper Siberian design is ready for leaving the grid behind with 600 watts of solar energy. There is an extra 300 watts if you upgrade. Really, this pickup truck RV camper is pretty much ready for anything––that’s what the Siberian design is intended for.

Bengal off-road pickup truck RV by Tiger Adventure Vehicles on a dirt road
Bengal RV Camper | Tiger Adventure Vehicles

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Siberian Tiger camper RV

In order to provide a rugged yet luxurious camping experience, the cabinets are made of sleek bamboo. Corian countertops are aesthetically pleasing while maintaining excellent durability and function. The queen size mattress gives owners a cozy bedroom over the pickup truck bed. However, if you need more sleeping space, an upgrade to a king mattress is also available.

The Siberian Tiger camper RV is complete with a cassette toilet. Or, if there is any desire for a more environmentally friendly approach, a composting toilet available as an option. There’s also a shower with a power vent in the ceiling. The video above also shows the handy passage between the camper and the cabin of the truck. Plus, storage in every nook and cranny. Even though they are now discontinued, these off-road pickup trucks are found for sale in places like private RV dealerships.

The Bengal truck camper

The Siberian and Bengal Tiger camper RV models have many similarities, as you can see in the video below. The location of some controls and interior materials vary quite a bit from the Siberian. But the spirits of the vehicles certainly spring from the same imaginative team.

Each one is an off-road pickup truck RV with the goal of keeping its dwellers comfortable while bringing them closer to the camping adventures they seek. These are vehicles designed for off-road maneuvers, but they also carry your home on their backs. The Bengal truck camper has taken over Tiger Adventure Vehicles––and it’s time to say goodbye to the Siberian Tiger camper RV.