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The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is already a hit, and it isn’t even on the road yet. But Toyota’s smallest pickup truck has become a pricey little pickup. Not to mention, with production delays, who knows when you would even get one. Instead, we offer you this incredibly badass JDM 1994 Toyota Hilux Galaxy overland camper recently sold on Bring a Trailer for less than some optioned 2022 Toyota Tacomas.

1994 Toyota Galaxy 4x4 overland camper is way cooler than a 2022 Toyota Tacoma
1994 Toyota Galaxy 4×4 overland camper | Bring a Trailer

How much does the 2022 Toyota Tacoma cost? 

Toyota has finally heard the labored cries of its customers and given the Tundra and Tacoma very well-deserved updates. “Updates” are almost not fair, these trucks seem to be just about brand new from the ground up, and Toyota ain’t letting us forget it either. The 2022 Toyota Tacoma starts at $26,500 and runs up to $49,855 for the automatic 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

What makes this 1994 Toyota Hilux overland camper on Bring a Trailer so special? 

A Toyota Galaxy camper with its awning out
1994 Toyota Galaxy | Bring a Trailer

For one, It seemed to be a killer deal. Expedition Portal showed that this Toyota Hilux overland camper sold on Bring a Trailer for $36,500. While you can get a certain 2022 Toyota Tacomas for this money, you can get any as cool as this badass 4×4 overland camper. 

Secondly, this model is the 1994 Toyota Hilux Galaxy 4×4, of which only 80 examples were ever made for the Japanese market. Not only is this one super rare, but it also is crazy clean and only has 90,000 miles on the clock, which for a Toyota Hilux, is basically brand new. 

The Hilux hardly needs any introduction. It is THE bombproof pickup truck, as many online and TV personalities have proven time and time again, such as the lads from Top Gear. Not only are these trucks rock solid, but if something does manage to break, parts are plentiful and affordable, making it one of the best overland camper platforms ever made. 

What is the Toyota Hilux Galaxy 4×4 overland camper all about? 

interior of the Toyota Hilux Galaxy
1994 Toyota Galaxy interior | Bring a Trailer

For starters, this little monster draws power from a diesel 2.8-liter inline-four, paired with a five-speed manual transmission and a dual-range transfer case. The Bring a Trailer listing notes that the over-cab fiberglass cabin sports sleeping accommodation for up to four people, plus a kitchen, dinette, bathroom, overhead cabinets, awning, solar panels, touchscreen head unit, air springs, and dual rear wheels.

Thanks to the former owner’s attention to detail and dedication to quality, this overland camper is in killer shape. The Toyota Hilux has new window seals, a retractable awning, and added LED taillights in the rear bumper. Also, the lighter shades of white on the camper shell are areas that were professionally repaired by Roamer Northwest. 

The previous owner also did the less exciting but necessary work of rebuilding both the front and rear axles. Lastly, this Toyota Hilux Galaxy overland camper has Solar panels paired with a 3,000-watt Victron Energy MultiPlus pure-sine-wave inverter, Lifeblue lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, good for 300 amp hours, and a Victron Cerbo GX Touch 50 panel to manage it all. 

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is rad, but it can’t hang with this Hilux

A small Toyota pickup truck is always cool. However, the pricier the new units get, the more these old dogs grow in appeal. To build this same overland camper on the back of a 2022 Toyota Tacoma would cost at minimum double (likely more) than this 1994 Toyota Hilux Galaxy 4×4 overland camper. Although this one is gone, keep your eyes peeled for more similar campers if you have the small Toyota pickup truck itch. 


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