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When you think of Ram, you likely picture a shiny new Ram 1500 that’s sitting on a lot simply waiting for someone to drive it home. Or maybe you conjure up an image of the battered old Dodge Ram farm truck your grandfather hauled hay with.

Or maybe you think about how nice it would be to spend an entire weekend exploring the backcountry in a Ram 1500 TRX. What you likely don’t consider is the Dodge Ram Rumble Bee which was created as a kind of homage to a Dodge muscle car.

The Dodge Ram Rumble Bee was a unique and powerful truck

A Dodge Ram Rumble Bee truck on display
A Dodge Rumble Bee on display | Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Dodge introduced the Ram Rumble Bee in 2004. According to Dodge Ram Rumble Bee info, only 4,613 were made. The truck served a few different purposes. It helped commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the new Ram design and it memorialized the Dodge Coronet Super Bee.

From the beginning, Dodge made it clear that it was only manufacturing a limited number of Rumble Bees, instantly making the vehicle attractive to collectors.

Available in both a 4×2 and 4×4 configuration, the truck had a regular cab and short-box. To give the impression of a classic muscle vehicle, Dodge equipped the Rumble Bee with a massive hood scoop, 20″ wheels, a stripe on the rear of the box, an upgraded exhaust system that produced a satisfying rumble each time the truck was turned on, and lower body cladding.

Keeping with the “Bee” concept, the truck was available in just two colors. You could purchase a yellow truck with a black stripe or you could buy a black truck with a yellow stripe. The entire design virtually screamed that this was a truck that was both fast and powerful.

Many reviewers who had the opportunity to test drive the limited-edition Rumble Bee were impressed by the truck’s performance. Alexander Stoklosa who writes for Car and Driver stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if Ram decided to release another version of the Rumble Bee in the future.

The Dodge Coronet Super Bee muscle car 

When most of us think of Dodge muscle cars, our thoughts automatically turn to the Dodge Challenger which has always been Dodge’s most famous muscle car.

These days, the only people who really remember Dodge’s Coronet Super Bee muscle car are collectors or individuals who were lucky enough to drive a Super Bee in the late ’60s or early ’70s. The truth is that the Super Bee was a fantastic vehicle that deserved to be remembered. 

The Dodge Super Bee hit auto dealerships in 1968. Dodge hoped to do two things with the Super Bee. The first was to provide fans of the Dodge Coronet with another vehicle. The second was to provide some serious competition for the Plymouth Road Runner. 

In 1970, Dodge revamped the Super Bee which is when the vehicle finally became a sensation. 

Drivers who purchased a Super Bee in the ’70s loved the vehicle. Unfortunately, the Super Bee failed to provide any real competition for the Road Runner so Dodge stopped producing the attractive muscle car.

Could the Rumble Bee and the Super Bee return?


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People who were lucky enough to own either a Super Bee or a Rumble Bee loved their vehicles and hope that the day will come when they will have an opportunity to purchase a brand-new one.

At this point, neither Dodge nor Ram has formally announced that it intends to revive either vehicle but that doesn’t mean you should give up hope. Dodge has shown that it isn’t ready to give up on either of the concepts.

The company briefly resurrected the Super Bee in 2012 and produced a limited number of Rumble Bees in 2015. It wouldn’t be surprising to wake up one day and see a press release that the automaker once again wants to start producing their famous and much loved “Bee” vehicles.