This Proves the NYPD Really Does Love Donuts

Like the stock market or COVID, you likely heard there’s a lot of snow on the East coast right now. You’ve probably also heard the old stereotype that cops love donuts. I’ve never really understood where that comes from. Also, who doesn’t love donuts? Either way, that’s beside the point. Amidst the snowstorm in NYC, an NYPD officer got caught enjoying a few snow-nuts in a Ford Explorer Interceptor whilst on the clock. Tsk tsk tsk. 

Do cops really like donuts?

I won’t speak for all cops, but the NYPD clearly does. The police are hard at work as the city shuts itself in for the night after a gleeful snow day. What would anyone do with a cop car you didn’t pay for, a snowy parking lot, and the right to act a fool with impunity? Snow-nuts!

NYPD rip donuts during snow storm in NYC
NYPD rip donuts during snow storm in NYC | WhatisNewYork: Instagram

The Drive reports that the Instagram account @whatisnewyork posted a video that captures an NYPD officer acting a fool in his police cruiser like any self-respecting teenager would do, cutting donuts in an empty parking lot. The tire marks in the parking tell the story of two bored officers having a bit of fun well before the video starts. I’m not judging. Donuts are fun. 

Can cops get in trouble for ripping donuts?

Come on…Probably not. The video was reportedly shot on the night of January 31st, and I guess, luckily for the officers munching the snow-nuts, the video is far enough away and low enough quality that the identity of the adolescent-acting officers is not known. 

NYPD police cars loined up during snow storm
Snowfalls view at the Times Square in New York City | Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

As The Drive points out, the donut machine is a fifth-generation Ford Explorer Interceptor. The squad car is doing suprisingly well with its rotations, considering this is a mostly front-wheel-drive version of the Explorer. However, the previous model could squeeze up to 365 hp from its EcoBoost V6, and under the proper (snow) conditions, the power can be sent by the AWD system to the rear wheels. Bingo. 

The new Ford Explorer would really help cops out – by letting them do donuts easier

The newer Ford Explorers are based on a RWD platform that makes 400 hp. Now we’re starting to get into serious donut territory. If the NYPD get set up with this newest model, the officers won’t need to wait for a cold, snowy night to enjoy a few donuts; they could rip one with that configuration any time, any place. 

An image of a 2020 Ford Explorer Interceptor on the road.
2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor | Ford

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They can but we can’t 

Donuts are fun, and I ain’t mad at cops for doing them, but there is a frustrating side to this story. The NYPD has been the focus of many civil rights cases and accusations over the years. While we can enjoy watching cops have a bit of harmless fun, don’t think that means we get to enjoy those same snowy circles of fun without fear of reprimand. 

To be clear, an NYPD spokesperson commented on the video saying, “We are aware of the video and are looking into it,” so there may be some level of recourse, although we probably know what that means… 

Listen, there’s no judgment from me. I have no problem, in fact, I support almost all donuts, especially in the snow, but I want the same understanding if I were to get caught ripping some Os in the parking lot. I cannot recommend that you do them, though. There are illegal and technically dangerous – but fun.