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Recently Jonathan Scott, host of HGTV’s Property Brothers: Forever Home, talked to MotorTrend about his preference for electric cars, particularly his 2018 Tesla Model X. Tesla’s have been popular among celebrities for a while now.Let’s find out why Jonathan absolutely loves the car.

Environmentally conscious

Jonathan Scott told MotorTrend when he was a kid, he gave thought to the impact that vehicles had on our environment. He explained that when he was little, the family had a truck that put out a lot of smoke. He and his brother would talk to their father about the truck and how its smoke couldn’t be good for the environment. Eventually, their father sold it for another truck that wasn’t a “big polluter.”

Now that Jonathan is an adult, he can select most any car he wants. And still wanting to be environmentally conscious, he bought a 2018 Tesla Model X.

His brother Drew started it. When his brother bought a 2017 Tesla Model S, Jonathan paid attention. Jonathan explained that as children, he always let his brother go first when it came to something new.

When Drew bought his Model S, it gave Jonathan a chance to take in his brother’s experience with the electric car before buying one for himself. Drew was so delighted with his car that when a model rolled out that offered more room, Jonathan got a Tesla for himself. The Model X offered room for Jonathan to take everything he needs with him.

The best vehicle Jonathan Scott ever had

“It’s hands down the best vehicle I’ve ever had,” Jonathan Scott told MotorTrend. He says he’s never experienced power in a vehicle as he has with his Model X. He has to be careful with the accelerator because of the sheer power the car offers.

Plus, his Las Vegas home is solar-powered, allowing him to charge his Model X for free which he considers a great convenience. Jonathan says he never has to stop to fill up as a result.

While Jonathan is still serious about protecting the environment, the fact that it’s an electric vehicle wasn’t the Model X’s only appeal for him. He appreciates the interior space it offers as well as its design. It was the first EV that had the storage space he needed for the equipment he frequently has to bring with him.

The merits of the Jaguar I-Pace

When Jonathan Scott worked on a campaign with Jaguar recently, the automaker offered him one of its cars. At first, he turned them down, explaining that he had a car and a preference for electric vehicles. He didn’t know that Jaguar actually had an EV. When the company explained that it had just launched its new EV, the I-Pace, it surprised Scott.

Jaguar sent him a 2019 I-Pace and he’s also been driving that car. Once he had time to evaluate it, he noticed the differences between it and his Tesla Model X.

Jonathan explains that when visitors see both cars side by side, it’s the Jaguar they notice first. He considers the Jaguar I-Pace visually beautiful and loves its curves, big rims, and cooled seats. While the automaker advertises I-Pace as an SUV, Jonathan doesn’t see it that way.

When it comes to space, he claims it’s more compact than his Model X. Although he is fond of the materials used in the Jaguar’s interior, the soft touches contribute to its elegance.

The Jaguar to him feels more like the standard version of the car than a true EV. “If someone was just getting in it and turning it on, I don’t think they would know right away that this is an electric vehicle,” he explained. “I do find that the I-Pace feels a lot more like what you’re used to in a sporty, elegant vehicle.”

While he thinks the Jaguar is a great vehicle as long as consumers realize exactly what they’re getting. It’s smaller in than his Tesla Model X, he thinks the promotions that portray it as a crossover are confusing. 

Why Jonathan Scott favors Tesla Model X

Jonathan enjoys the fact that he can pretty much control his Tesla using his phone. Technology allows him to unlock it, open the doors, and summon the car. It seems more up to date with its technology from the bigger screen to the ability given to the owner to control most everything.

Another reason he chose the Model X was that Drew’s Model S was too low for him, making it harder to climb in and out of the car. Not to mention, he often wears construction boots, and he finds more room around the pedals in his Model X.This makes his driving experience easier.

Model X gives Jonathan more room for him and everything he has to haul with him. While the Jaguar has an edge with its design and initial power, he greatly appreciates the storage and functionality of his Tesla Model X.

His friends are often curious about the Tesla experience and he takes them on test drives. He says “they love the falcon doors.” Joyriding with friends and letting them try out his Tesla is something he considers a lot of fun.