This Porsche 911 Is Hiding a 6,000-lb Secret Feature

Spy gadgets are cool. Full-stop. The only things cooler than a spy’s gadgets on their person are the gadget-laden vehicles they drive. Take James Bond’s DB5, for instance, it is one of the prettiest cars on earth, but you fill it with rockets, a smokescreen, and some deployable machine guns…now we’re talking about something. I’ll prove my point with this seemingly regular Porsche 911 996 Carrera. 

What’s cooler than a Porsche 911? 

CarBuzz dug up this secret agent Porsche 911 996 Carrera carrying a big secret underneath all the German-sportscar wrapping. 

undercover armor plated Porsche 911 996 Carrera
Undercover armor plated Porsche 911 996 Carrera | CarBuzz

You might not think of a Porsche 911 when you hear “armored vehicle,” but maybe you should. This particular Dragonfly Turquoise Metallic 911 has been outfitted with 6,000 lbs of bulletproof armor. This isn’t a very common Porsche upgrade – at least I wouldn’t think it is. Most Porsche owners want their little German go-karts to be as light and nimble as possible. After all, handling is kind of what Porsche is known for. 

There’s more here than meets the eye

You’d never know by looking at it that this 911 is ready for the war zone. In the video of the car walk around, there are no clues given until the narrator knocks his finger against the window. The sound shows that there is something else going on here. 

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This tankesq Porsche was ordered from Porsche by an unnamed customer. Not only is this a bulletproof 911, but it is also a one-off custom prototype from the factory. This uber-rare Porsche lives secured in the Porsche museum these days. 

What did Porsche do to bulletproof the 911?

The heavy sounding glass is 20mm thick (that is nearly 1-inch thick). The only visual cue here is, if you have a keen eye, you can see that the normal thin black border around the windows is 2-inches thick here. Any bodywork that would normally be steel has been replaced with Dyneema. This stuff is a high-energy absorbing composite-fiber material that puts steel to shame on strength. 

The Nyeema bodywork was tested by Porsche and is reported to stop a 9mm and even a .44 magnum. The problem is, all this security doesn’t come without a tradeoff. The armored 911 has packed on few pounds to withstand all these shots, 6,000 lbs to be exact. 

Unlike most Porsche 911s, this one isn’t going to set any lap records around the Nurburgring because of its added weight. Porsche neglected to upgrade the 300-hp flat-six. You may not be in danger of getting tagged while inside this sleek spy mobile, but you ain’t getting away in a hurry either. 

What’s it like inside the German beast

For one thing, all the added weight and heavy glass make the ride noticeably quieter than most 911s of this era. Other than the assassin-quiet ride, the interior looks standard, just like the exterior. I reckon it would defeat the purpose of trying to spy if everyone knew you were in a spy’s car.