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Even some of the best-selling cars on the market have had recalls. These are usually issued when something in a car isn’t working correctly and could cause a safety issue. If your car is affected, the manufacturer will offer a solution free of charge.

According to NHTSA data, the 2018 Ford F-150 had the most recalls of any truck in its class. It has had nine recalls and over 200 consumer complaints about other issues. By comparison, the Ram 1500 had eight recalls but only 49 complaints. The recalls haven’t affected F-150 sales, but what were some of the truck’s issues?

The 2018 Ford F-150’s many recalls

The Ford F-150 had two recalls related to its body structure, one in September 2017 and one in August 2018. The first one concerned Raptor Super Cab models that weren’t equipped with a moonroof. Without the moonroof’s rivets, the structural integrity of the car was reduced.

The other recall was issued over a faulty seat belt pre-tensioner. This device is designed to deploy during an accident to protect passengers, but these particular ones produced sparks when in use. This could potentially lead to a fire inside the truck.

The 2018 Ford F-150 also had two recalls over engine issues. In one recall, the equipped 3.5-liter engine didn’t have lubrication supply holes on the camshaft bearings. The other recall was more severe. Many Super Duty trucks with an engine block heater experienced water corroding the heater’s splice connector — a potential fire hazard during a resistive short.

There were also three issues with the truck’s powertrain. The first recall concerned a loss of gear indication in the transmission due to switching gears too quickly. In other vehicles, the “Park” function on the transmission didn’t work correctly. The third recall involved a misplaced cable clip, which caused drivers to unknowingly engage the wrong gear.

The Ford F-150’s engine clatter

In addition to the many recalls, customers have had other issues with the pickup. One of the most common complaints is a knocking engine. If drivers operated the F-150 at a lower rpm, the engine would reportedly sound as loud as a diesel engine and even emit a burning smell.

This issue was likely due to an issue with insufficient camshaft lubrication, but drivers with F-150 engines that weren’t 3.5-liters didn’t benefit from the recall. The average cost to fix this issue is $7,000.

Faulty window mechanisms

Some 2018 Ford F-150 drivers reported that their windows failed to roll up after a certain period of time. This was a result of the elevator cable getting brittle, which affected each window of the truck. The issue itself is not costly to fix, but drivers said they had to repair the window mechanism multiple times. In some cases, Ford offered to fix the damage for free.

The F-150’s loss of power

The most common complaint among F-150 owners is a loss of power while driving. This was either due to a malfunctioning fuel pump, a damaged electric throttle body, or a faulty engine. In some cases, the engine had to be entirely replaced. This occurred across multiple engines, but it was most common on trucks with the Ecoboost engine.

Out of more than 900,000 units sold by Ford this year, these issues were only reported by a few thousand buyers. The F-150 is still an outstanding truck, but buyers should be wary of its potential problems before they make a big financial commitment.