This Popular Electric Car Made Consumer Reports ‘Least Reliable Cars’ List

Tesla has made a huge impact on the auto industry, but this doesn’t mean the automaker makes perfect cars. In fact, Tesla has been in trouble before, like when drivers died while using the car’s self-driving prototypes. In terms of reliability, however, Tesla also lags behind. One of their cars even made Consumer Reports’s least reliable cars list.

The latest Tesla Model X

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Matte Black Tesla Model X

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The 2019 Model X has a lot to love, but owners of the SUV have reported that the car just isn’t reliable. Consumer Reports doesn’t expect those flaws to change. Their scathing review of the Model X’s reliability isn’t the first time Consumer Reports gave Tesla a low score for reliability.

In 2015, Consumer Reports raved about the Model S. However, after drivers started operating the Model S, they reported many reliability issues. This forced Consumer Reports to update its review and criticize the Model S concerning reliability. The same issue is happening with Tesla’s Model X SUV.

The newest Model X experienced some upgrades, like a standard 100-kWh battery with a max range of 270 miles. It also has sentry mode, a security feature that’ll keep the car safe from thieves. Other than those upgrades, the Model X largely remains the same futuristic-looking SUV. As a result, according to Consumer Reports, the reliability problems of the older models are still lurking.

Tesla Model X’s reliability issues

Although the falcon wing doors of the Model X look cool and futuristic, Consumer Reports noted many practicality concerns. There’s simply a lot of things going on with these doors. For example, the Model X’s doors can detect if there’s an obstacle in the way. It’ll stop the doors from opening until the obstacle is cleared. 

This is great and all, but it also means the doors are not only a hassle to use; it also means there’s a good chance something will break down. On top of this, while Consumer Reports doesn’t have any reliability data for the 2019 Model X yet, it has a lot of reliability data from drivers of the older models. 

For example, using a one-to-five rating, the Model X’s paint received a score of one by drivers who reported that the paint peeled and cracked often. The in-car electronics also received a score of one by drivers.

Owners reported that the infotainment system would go blank or freeze at times. Also, Consumer Reports says drivers can expect a noisy and leaky ride due to the falcon doors. For these reasons, the Model X has the worst reliability rating of the 10 new SUVs tested by Consumer Reports. 

A Tesla showboat 

Although the fancy falcon doors aren’t the only reason why the SUV received a terrible reliability rating, they didn’t help the 2019 Model X. Because of this, Consumer Reports said the Model X was more of a showboat than a practical SUV. 

It’s important to note, however, that although the Model X has terrible ratings on several reliability factors, the majority of its features received five out of five stars for reliability by drivers. Because of this, despite a rated as one of the least reliable cars, Model X drivers are still satisfied.