This Paint Makes Your Car Look Like The Night Sky

Last month we told you about the absolute blackest black paint called Vantablack. It absorbs over 99-percent of light, virtually obliterating body details on cars. Actually, it makes anything lose details it is so black. Now by adding sparkles this paint can make your car look like the night sky with stars shining. 

Invented by Surrey NanoSystems, Vantablack paint uses carbon nanotubes that trap 99.965-percent of visible light. We see color by what colors aren’t absorbed. So green paint or cloth means the material is absorbing all colors but green. The green is reflecting off of the object. 

With Vantablack paint, the object painted looks like a black hole

Vantablack with pearl paint | YouTube screen grab

With Vantablack paint, the object painted looks like a black hole. Though licensed to Anish Kapoor, a Japanese company has created Musou Black which absorbs 99.4-percent of visible light. That is the paint that is used for the night sky effect. painted this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo with super-black paint. But they also added another layer of color-shifting pearl particles over the black. Experiments with traditional clears eliminated the black hole-look. After much experimenting, the hyper shift pearl was mixed with naphtha. That’s the stuff used in lighter fluid. 

When mixed with the naphtha and applied to the black the naphtha would quickly evaporate leaving a film of pearl. Since the black surface is not particularly smooth the pearl would nest into the crevices which give the paint a night sky effect. But it is our understanding that the paint is not particularly durable, so the eventual outcome of the paint on this Evo will remain to be seen. 

If you’re into trippy paint then you’ll surely love this night sky black paint

Vantablack with pearl paint | YouTube screen grab

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If you’re into trippy paint like the extreme color-shifting stuff and paint the glows like it’s radioactive then you’ll surely love this paint job. It is not, however, for everyone. One reason we are car enthusiasts is because of the styling. The sheet metal gleaming with light dancing around it just adds to our enjoyment of cars. 

Obliterating the details of a car with the black-hole paint seems counterproductive. But, it is surely arresting to see in person. One thing to keep in mind is that there are different blacks. Some black paint is just blacker than others. Some feel that the base coat clear coat paints don’t do black like the older solvent blacks.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the base coat does not cover sufficiently the primer color can show up as an ugly side cast. We’ve seen super black vehicles on turntables with lights shining on them and the rockers look brown. So, even though black is black it really isn’t. And there is definitely an art to shooting the stuff.