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Rental cars don’t need to be boring. The next time you need a temporary ride, why not try renting a muscle car? Most rental car companies do offer some sort of “luxury” or “sports car” category or vehicle class. If you’re lucky, one of those cars will be a Ford Mustang rental.

If renting a Mustang hasn’t ever seemed like a plausible choice for you on trips, see why it’s actually a lot more reasonable than you might think.

Spice up your vacation

The 2022 Ford Mustand is fun to drive, a feast for the eyes, a dream to pilot, and cheaper than you might think to rent a muscle car while traveling. And, the most efficient Mustangs can return up to 32 mpg, so you don’t even have to feel bad about driving a guzzler. 

Ever wanted to just rent a Mustang for a day? Well, you can. You don’t need to fly across the country or go on a week-long business trip to justify renting a car. Some people even rent a luxury car for weddings or other special events.

Work or play, the Mustang is one hot pony.

Side by side Ford Mustang cars, some of the best rental cars. Left model is bright red, right model is a special-edition Mustang that's silver with thick white stripes down the roof and hood
2022 Ford Mustang muscle cars | Ford

How much is it to rent a Mustang?

Costs of renting a Mustang will vary widely depending on location, rental period, insurance, and a variety of other factors. It also depends on availability—not all car rental companies will stock a Mustang. There are some cheap ways to snag a rental, but assume you’ll pay more for a Mustang than for a Corolla.

For instance, Enterprise offers the Ford Mustang GT. When I looked up estimates for a 24-hour period and a week-long period near the Boston Logan Airport (surprisingly, sports car rentals aren’t as readily available for the Northern Vermont region at the tail end of winter) pricing was listed at around $112 for one day or around $405 per week for a full seven-day period.

To rent a Mustang Convertible for a week, that’s not too bad.

Which car rental companies have Mustangs?

Most rental car companies that have a “sports car rental” category offer, or at least say they offer, Ford Mustang options. Through some basic poking around, I found that Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Alamo, and Hertz all claimed to have Mustang rentals—at least within their categories.

Though, note that nearly all of these rental car companies’ websites specify “Ford Mustang or similar.” This means that if they don’t have a Mustang on hand, they may be able to offer something comparable like a Camaro. But, one site I was on tried to say that a VW Beetle was a comparable vehicle, which was… an interesting argument.

2022 Ford Mustang Coastal Limited Edition Convertible in silver, parked with the top down in front of an old building
2022 Ford Mustang Coastal Limited Edition convertible | Ford

Flex those muscles

With so many ponies in the 2022 Mustang’s stable, it’s hard to know exactly which one you’ll be able to find when looking for a car rental. Current generation models include the Mustang EcoBoost, Mustang GT, Mach 1, and the Shelby.

U.S. News cautions that you’re most likely to find a base model when renting a Mustang. Most likely, a rear-wheel-drive model with a 10-speed automatic transmission and the standard 310-horsepower 2.3-liter turbo four-cylinder.

Car rental companies typically opt for the cheaper trim levels, even on luxury and sports car rentals, to cut costs and boost profit margins. 


Hertz’s Special-Edition Shelby Mustangs Were Not Your Average Rental

Where to rent a Ford Mustang

As mentioned, most major rental companies claim to offer muscle/sports cars for rent. Start with looking up rental companies near where you’ll be traveling to see what cars they have in stock for the dates that you’ll be traveling. Be willing to shop around, because you may not find what you’re looking for right at the rental company by the airport or train station.

Consider other neighborhood locations, even if you need to take a quick cab or Uber ride to get the best deal or find the model you want most.

Can you enjoy the ultimate sporty vacation and rent a Mustang GT500? Maybe if you get lucky.