This Might Be the Worst Tesla Model 3 We’ve Ever Seen

While many more auto companies have plans to release their own electric cars (or have done so already), many still consider Tesla cars to be the first successful all-electric automaker. After introducing the Lotus-based Tesla Roadster, Tesla went on to produce the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

In addition to the cars themselves, the company is known for being one of the most unconventional automakers in the industry. CEO Elon Musk is frequently caught up in controversy and many financial critics have been skeptical of the company’s long-term success. So far he has managed to prove the naysayers wrong, but this may change if more consumers receive cars like this Model 3.

Peeling paint

This unfortunate Tesla Model 3 was purchased by a Finnish man named Joni Savolainen. In just one month after he received his new car, he noticed that the paint was thinning. You can watch the full video to see all the gritty details. Even if you don’t speak the language, the visuals speak for themselves.

Despite its popularity as a niche model, Tesla has become known for its subpar build quality. The Model 3 has had the most issues, including problems charging, steering vibrations, and bad paint quality. The paint job on this Model 3 looks like the worst one of them all.

 From the damage, you can tell that the paint of this car is soft and flimsy. There’s rust on several areas, as well as exposed steel. The front and rear hinges, A/B pillars, and the underside of the doors all have incomplete paint. Additionally, the damage to the paint was made even worse by ill-fitting hatches and doors, which caused more paint to peel every time one of these was opened.

What Tesla did about it

Savolainen was understandably upset with his new vehicle and reached out to Tesla’s store for a resolution. He was informed that the warranty on his Model 3 would not cover the paint issues. The company boasts an “infinite” warranty and offers to correct any defects on new vehicles, according to their website.

Tesla’s questionable integrity is nothing new. The company recently got in trouble with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) for reporting that the Tesla 3 had the lowest chance of crashing out of any car ever tested by the administration. NHTSA stated that it was against its guidelines to compare the safety ratings of different vehicles and immediately sent Tesla a cease and desist notice.

Where the Model 3 excels

Despite a number of dissatisfied customers, some have found the Model 3 to be quite a capable machine. Because its battery is located under the floor, the Model 3 feels fully attached to the road and is easy to handle. Its battery life on the base trims lasts for a good 240 miles.¬†Its long-range performance model can hit acceleration speeds of 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. ¬†Tesla also announced that it would be adding a rear-facing camera to the Model 3’s cabin and the ability to stream Netflix from the infotainment screen.

What’s in store for Tesla

The electric automaker plans to release the new Model Y in the near future, promised by Tesla to have all the capabilities of a racecar packed into an SUV. The company wants to expand its vehicle lineup to improve sales across the world. However, if more new Tesla cars come with severe paint defects like Savoleinen’s Model 3, the lack of international buyers will be the least of its problems.