This Mercedes-Benz Camper Van Costs Only $61,564 and Offers High-End Features

Weekend getaways and road trips are becoming increasingly popular. Since the pandemic has thwarted many travel plans, even people who never considered RVs are now exploring their options. And the camper van is proving to be the perfect vehicle. Couples and families are forgoing expensive hotel stays for the comfort-laden experience of van life.

One of the latest introductions to this vehicle segment is the Mercedes-Benz Metris Getaway Van. Among its many features is a particularly cool one. And at a relatively affordable price for a Benz, this camper van gives highway adventure seekers a chance to see the country in the utmost style and luxury.

Meet the Mercedes-Benz Getaway Van

Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Driverge Vehicle Innovations and Peace Vans to design this glorious road warrior. The Metris Getaway Van nods to the best of older models and offers the latest safety, tech, and convenience extras.

Mercedes calls the Metris Getaway Van its first “daily driver” conversion van. It boasts a completely renovated interior, sleeping space for four, seating for up to five, and a pop-up roof with 78 inches of additional clearance.

Plus, it packs a ton of high-end features you’d expected from Mercedes.

A variety of van-life amenities

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Van life might feel like roughing it in other models. But in the Mercedes-Benz Getaway Van, you can expect a ton of features and comforts.

One of the many convenient features is the swivel front seats. They’re capable of turning 180 degrees to face backward. And they’re paired with an integrated table to make dining and other activities a breeze. Also, the bench seat converts into a bed for two. That’s in addition to the sleeping area for two. There’s also additional storage around every corner.

The elevating roof is designed with an integrated spring system, and you’ll have a second battery for extra power where you need it. Plus, this mighty mite can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

You’ll also appreciate a host of standard safety and driver assistance features. They include a rearview camera, crosswind assist, and attention assist.

For even more features, you can add options such as roof racks, retractable awnings, and solar panels for an extra cost.

This suite of amenities is the reason why Mercedes-Benz says the Metris Getaway is “taking the pop-up van to new heights.”

It’s affordable considering everything you get

At first glance, $61,564 might seem steep. But considering all the Metris Getaway Van’s available equipment and capability as a daily driver, you’re looking at a significant value.

Mercedes-Benz says these vans can travel up to 15,000 miles between service visits. Add that to all of the aforementioned perks, and the Metris Getaway Van seems like a steal.

Of course, adding extras, packages, and optional equipment drives up the purchase price. But in the end, owning a daily driver and a weekend warrior in one luxurious and smart vehicle is worth it.

So hit the road for an outdoor adventure. Van life is evolving, and vacation seekers won’t have to rough it to enjoy excursions, especially in feature-rich camper vans like the Mercedes-Benz Metris Getaway.