A Limousine With a Hot Tub, Helicopter Pad, and More

When it comes to long cars what usually comes to mind is the fancy limousines we use for events like prom and weddings, but nothing is quite as long as the American Dream. The American Dream was a limousine unlike anything you’ve seen before, and it was, in fact, the longest car in the world. With its extra length, it held some cool features you don’t see built into cars every day.

What the American Dream was

The American Dream was the most impractical limousine you could possibly imagine. At an incredible 100 feet in length, it was the longest car in the world, and as you could imagine was difficult to do just about anything with. It was built completely custom in the 1980s and in the 1990s it became a Guinness Book Of World Record holder for the official longest car.

The American Dream: The World’s longest limo | Ken Faught/Toronto Star

The American Dream was an extremely modified Cadillac Eldorado, but it shared very little in common with the original car once it was complete. It required extensive work to stretch the car to its final 100 feet of length and sat on a total of 26 wheels. It was hinged at a midway point to allow it to turn better – similar to a train – but that still left about 50 feet on either side, which did very little to improve the turning radius.

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The American Dream even had separate rooms to entertain you and your possible 74 guests, but it was more than just a standard limousine. In fact, the American Dream had more than one surprising feature that would not only entertain, but maybe even impress your guests.

Surprising features

As you might imagine, this incredibly long limo offered more than just a high seating capacity. In fact, the American Dream had some features that you’ve never seen in – or on – a car before, and probably for a good reason.

The American Dream had just about everything you didn’t know you wanted a car to have. Want to take some time to relax in the hot tub? The American Dream has one on board and ready for use. Need to practice your putting on the way to the golf course? Not a problem. It even has a landing pad to set your small helicopter.

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As you might imagine, it was pretty difficult to take this 100-foot behemoth anywhere. The turning radius of the American Dream meant that routes had to be expertly planned, and really you couldn’t make any turn with the car anyways. Parking for a 100-foot long vehicle isn’t readily available either, and even most hotel entrances and resorts couldn’t have this limousine pull around to the front of the building.

The American Dream might have been a cool car simply because of its obnoxious size and unnecessary features, it was incredibly impractical and wasn’t useful for anything besides its title as the longest car in the world in the Guinness Book Of World Records.