This Lifted Overland Honda Fit Wishes That It Was a Ford Bronco

When Honda advertised that the “Fit is Go,” they probably didn’t think it could traverse the rocky terrain of Moab or the complete a challenging drive through the Reward Mine Trail. However, Jefferson Palma, the owner of this Aegean Blue 2015 Honda Fit is out to show what the brand’s flexible sub-compact car can really do. And while it’s no Ford Bronco, this Honda Fit is much more capable than just hauling people and a lot of cargo.

Follow this lifted Honda Fit on the toughest trails

We have seen a lot of interesting cars and a lot of interesting videos on Youtube, but Palma’s lifted Honda Fit is by far one of the most interesting. If you hop onto his YouTube channel, you will be greeted with an opening video explaining his journey to get his beloved compact cruiser up to overlanding spec. As the story goes, he started it all off by purchasing the Fit as a used car back in 2017 and did what a lot of Honda enthusiasts do; lowered it and added some aftermarket wheels and fender flares.

But after getting into an accident and subsequently repairing the damage, Palma got the bright idea to lift the car, instead of keeping it low. According to the videos he has posted, he does a lot of traveling and takes on a lot of challenging off-road courses that are likely more suited for something like a Ford Bronco or Jeep Wrangler than a Japanese commuter car. It’s really quite impressive that he not only made the car fit his lifestyle, but he also made a capable overlanding car that can fit into a lot of places that much bigger SUVs might have a tough getting through, like the Reward Mine Trail, for example.

Contrary to popular belief, this Honda Fit isn’t all-wheel-drive

In another one of his videos, Palma takes his viewers through a walkaround of the modifications on his overlanding Fit. The funny part is that he nonchalantly talks about all of the custom parts as if they were super easy to make, however, judging by his other “how-to” videos, it’s apparent that he’s quite the fabricator in his spare time.

Aside from the 4-inch lift kit, some of our favorite features on his car include the giant, 30.5-inch Kenda Klever mud tires, the 2015 Jeep Cherokee fender flares that are modified to fit, the air snorkel that was taken from a Toyota Land Cruiser, and the custom rock sliders. To complete the look, and the rigidity of the car, Palma even fitted a steel front bumper and an accompanying winch, in case he ever gets stuck. One thing he is quick to point out is that his Honda Fit is still front-wheel-drive, not all-wheel-drive, which makes the winch even more necessary.


Does the Honda Fit Need More Power?

We wish we had a Fit like this

Palma’s Honda Fit is definitely one-of-a-kind and we’re actually a little jealous. In the midst of all the current Ford Bronco madness, it’s refreshing to see an off-road-capable Honda Fit that can venture out into unknown sights just like Ford’s revived SUV. And while we’ll likely leave the overlanding Honda Fit forays and modifications to a professional like Palma, we’ll just sit here and ponder the possibilities of creating an off-road version of the Civic Si instead.