This Kia Ad Is Confusing

In the last few years, the Kia brand has gained massive momentum in the industry. New models like the Kia K5 replacement for the Optima and other emerging flagships like the Kia Telluride have seen loads of success recently, so it’s no surprise that Kia is going with the flow and announcing for redesigns. We just saw a reveal of the all-new 2021 Kia Sorento. Plus we will get a completely redesigned Kia Sedona, or Carnival as it’s called in the global market. The Kia ad in the video below is a glimpse at the new Sedona.

The tan interior of the 2021 Kia Sedona is seen from the front to the back.
The 2021 Kia Carnival is the Korean version of the Kia Sedona | Kia Motors

With new Kia vehicles, there are going to be new Kia commercials. This one for the Kia Sedona Carnival Limousine is compelling. But it’s also very confusing. What’s the point of a ‘grand utility vehicle’ if you only have a family of three or four? Of course, large vehicles are not exclusively for large families, but they are largely marketed toward those that want the extra room for a growing family.

Korean Kia Carnival commercial

This video is put together by the SupercarTV YouTube channel. It looks like it’s likely from the Korean press release of the abroad version called the Kia Carnival Limousine. The video shows what looks like a few different families as they go about their day to day activities. It’s confusing though because the families only have one or two children. The Kia Carnival can seat up to 11. So it’s strange to see a Kia commercial for the redesigned van that isn’t marketed to larger families.

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When I imagine a van that seats 9 or 11 people, the first image that comes to mind is a van full of children and their friends on the way to practice or headed to go grab a victory pizza after a big game. Or a boisterous carpool on the way to school. The Kia commercial seen in the video is a bit more classy, yet confusing.

It’s a versatile ‘Grand Utility Vehicle’

Perhaps the size of the families really doesn’t matter. Why get hung up on using a huge van for 9 when you only have 2 children? Surely each of those children has a few friends. Or maybe the Kia Carnival ad is demonstrating that this big van is ready to take on a larger load should your family grow in the next few years.

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One thing is certain. The Kia Sedona Carnival Limousine is a helpful family vehicle with plenty of room to spare––whether you’re seating 9 or 3. In the video we see the Kia van helping families with daily activities like shopping as well as more rugged adventures like fishing with dad.

The Kia Sedona Carnival Limousine

A front quarter view of a gray 2021 Kia Sedona minivan (in Korea it is called the Carnival).
The Kia Carnival is the Korean version of the Kia Sedona | Kia Motors

The way it’s framed in the commercial is confusing, but also alluring. In fact, it looks as if it’s a chauffeur’s vehicle for elite families. From the luxurious leather trim to the modern tech to the rear entertainment system, the Kia Sedona Carnival Limousine is named appropriately. Whether you’re a family of 3 or 4 or a supersized 7-person family group, the new van in this Kia commercial is easy to picture yourself in with your own family.