This Is Why the GMC Yukon Is Better Than the Ford Expedition

Though the GMC Yukon remains unchanged for 2020, it still has a lot to offer. Sure, the 2020 Ford Expedition has made it to the top of lists on sites like Consumer Reports and U.S. New and World Reports. But that doesn’t mean that other SUVs don’t offer anything that beats the Ford ruler.

GMC Yukon front view

The GMC Yukon is cheaper, offers more standard features, and more room up front. For these reasons and quite frankly only these reasons, the GMC Yukon beats the Ford Expedition.

The Ford Expedition

It’s cheaper

The GMC Yukon has a lower msrp range of $50,600 – $73,500. That’s a few thousand dollars less on either end of the Ford SUV’s price range. Large SUVs are generally expensive, but they offer more space and power than other SUVs.

If you really want a new SUV and don’t want to pay the extra few thousand for an Expedition, the GMC Yukon is worth look. The quality interior keeps owners happy and the upgraded suspension offers a smooth ride, all things considered.

For less than the Ford Expedition, the GMC Yukon can carry up to 8 passengers –– or 9 in certain trims. It offers loads of LATCH anchors for carseats and gets about the same miles per gallon as the Ford competition.

More standard features for the money

The 2020 GMC Yukon SLE is the base trim level. For a $50,000 budget this large SUV has plenty to offer in its most standard trim. The SLE can seat up to 9 people if it boasts a front row bench, and includes a competitive list of tech features.

2020 GMC Yukon

The SLE is equipped with a 355-horsepower 5.3-liter V8 engine capable of hauling 8,100 pounds. There’s a rearview camera, parking sensors, and a system for teen drivers to help parents feel more secure sending their children out onto the road.

The Yukon’s standard infotainment system features touch screen that’s 8 inches, an upscale Bose sound system and satellite and HD Radio. It also offers all the modern tech amenities like voice commands, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivities as well as a WiFi hotspot.

A leather-wrapped steering wheel adds a plush feel to the cloth upholstery. An automatic climate control throughout the large SUV keeps passengers comfortable, and the convenience of remote keyless entry and remote start lend a bit more to the long list.

If you’re tall, it’s the one

Compared to the 2020 Ford Expedition, the GMC Yukon was made for tall drivers. The leg room alone in nearly two feet larger. The GMC Yukon boasts 45.3 inches of leg room up front, while the Ford Expedition has 43.9 inches of space. The Ford has enough, but not as much.

It also gives tall drivers nearly an entire inch more headroom up front than the Expedition. If you are tall, you know that an inch can make or break the comfort level of your driving experience.

2020 Yukon Denali XL

GMC Yukon vs. Ford Expedition

Between the Expedition and the Yukon, the Expedition is the better SUV overall. But that doesn’t meant the GMC SUV has nothing on its Ford competitor.

The GMC Yukon is still a desirable option for many with its style and size, ability to seat up to 9, and more bang for your buck when it comes to standard features and pricing.

2021 GMC Yukon