This Is Why the Ford Expedition Is Better Than the GMC Yukon

The Ford Expedition and the GMC Yukon are remarkably similar. They are each sizable SUVs perfect for families, ready for a road trip or a trip to the grocery store. They were designed for teams and their snacks, weekend home improvement projects, camping trips and school pickup lines.

2020 Ford Expedition

While each of these SUVs has its perks, the Ford Expedition is better in a few ways. The Expedition has an MSRP starting range of $52,810-$77,085, while the GMC Yukon starts a little lower with a range of $50,600-70,700. US News and World Reports says the Expedition is well worth the extra penny.

Because bigger is better

If you are looking for a family-sized SUV to haul all the passengers and gear your busy life has to offer, the Expedition makes its case against the Yukon. The Ford SUV has larger rear cargo space as well as more spacious seating for up to eight passengers.

The GMC Yukon’s cargo behind the third row offers 15.3 cubic feet of space. The Ford Expedition tops that by over five cubic feet –– its rear cargo boast a massive 20.9 cubic feet of room to fill.

Though it does have a wider turning radius –– perhaps due to its larger size –– the Ford Expedition has an especially spacious cabin full of room and comfort for its passengers.

Power and performance

The Ford Expedition outdoes the GMC with its capability and performance. While the Yukon does actually have better standard towing capacity, The Ford SUV has a higher maximum tow capacity of 9,200 pounds. The Yukon has a robust standard tow capacity of 8,100 pounds, but it can’t get any better than that.

The Ford Expedition has a fantastic tow rating.

As far as engine power goes, the Ford Expedition shows superior performance. Even with slightly fewer horsepower from its V6 that the GMC SUV‘s V8 the Ford Expedition provides more pound feet of torque.

That gives the Expedition a more responsive powertrain and an overall feeling of better performance overall. Both SUVs have a comfortable cabin with a good driving experience, but the Ford Expedition dominates.

Standard safety

The Ford Expedition also boasts superior standard safety. The GMC Yukon comes standard with a rear view camera, front/rear parking sensors, and a system for teen drivers which allows for things like setting a maximum speed volume.

The 2020 Expedition comes standard with a bundle of features that provides a lot more extra security. The Ford safety suite comes equipped with blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, automatic high-beam headlights, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision warning, and forward automatic emergency braking.

In addition to all that sweet standard safety, the Ford option also has a higher reliability rating –– according to J.D. Powers.

The Ford Expedition is better than the GMC Yukon

The Ford Expedition beats out the GMC Yukon with its spacious interior, its superior performance, and abundance of standard safety features.

While the GMC is still a decent SUV for its class it can’t match the Ford in some pretty important areas. This family friendly SUV goes the extra mile for its passengers and its driver.