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Taking good care of your car will have it serving you for many years to come. However, many car owners can sometimes choose to neglect a visit to their mechanic for what they view as a small problem. Sadly, those small unaddressed problems often result in expensive big ones with some of them leaving mechanics scratching their heads wondering how they got that bad.

What most people aren’t aware of, there is a site that allows mechanics to share the good, the bad, and the funny experiences they have seen in their job here are some that happened to catch our eye;

Patience pays

It’s not every day you see a car hitting the one million mileage mark, and this mechanic had to share it with colleagues. The mechanic shared a photo of the vehicle’s dashboard and proceeded to say how long the wait took. Patience clearly pays.

Who’s got the keys to my Joop?

We’ve all heard of a Jeep, it is one of the most reliable and recognizable vehicles around today, but anyone ever heard of a Joop? At least a few mechanics have; and the owner of course.

Speaking of keys, how do you get your car started? People can get creative when it comes to starting up their cars, but what happens when you drop it off and have to leave the ‘key’ with the mechanic?

What do you listen to in the car?

This mechanic’s client apparently played electric dance music while driving and it turns out their vehicle couldn’t get enough of it. Then again, who doesn’t love a good song?

Temptations are everywhere

Whenever you drop your car off at the local garage for a checkup, you might want to use the opportunity and run a few errands or have a cup of coffee around the corner. Although your mechanic might be trustworthy, temptations still exist. Getting tempted is understandable, and with such kind of valuables lying around, most of us would be.

Tire matters

How do you tell it’s time for new tires? If your tires have a ‘made in W. Germany’ tag, you might want to consider getting new ones.

While we are on the topic of getting new tires; there are several quality tire brands for you to choose from, but maybe tires from Chile should not be on the list.

Flat tires are almost expected, so investing in quality spare tires, and a tool kit that will enable you to change the flat is important. Most crucially, remember where you keep them.

Out of sight

Is that check engine light bothering you? Would you prefer not being reminded of how fast you are going or how low you are on fuel? You know how the saying goes; out of sight, out of mind.

It’s not always as easy as it seems

The most skilled mechanic can make the most complicated repair job seem easy, but every once in awhile, they come across a piece of engineering complex enough to have the most skilled of them stumped.

Any theories?

This mechanic got a client requesting urgent repairs to their a/c but was not straight forward on what happened to it. As they were repairing the car, they noticed a hole in one of the flip-down trays under the a/c controls.

They discovered another hole in the a/c box after pushing the wires aside and something rattling around in the box; a bullet. Any theories about how it got there?

Be more cautious as you use your car; good or bad, your visit to the mechanic might be a memorable one for them.