This Is What Painting Your Car in the Darkest Black Looks Like

The color black is defined as a color that is void of any other color or light. True black is not a shade. It is absent of shades. A paint shop may disagree because they see that every auto manufacturer has a black color choice that is different from other automakers. None-the-less, the color black, in its purest sense, is not up for argument. But, it is hard to reproduce with pigments available to paint manufacturers. That is, until now.

The battle for the deepest black paint

A Mitsubishi Evo painted in Musou Black
A Mitsubishi Evo painted in Musou Black | DipYourCar via YouTube

Since 2014, discussions have been circulating online about Vantablack. When sprayed on things evenly, Vantablack is able to give consumers a look at the closest thing to pure black, a color that absorbs all colors, lights, reflections. People have been amazed by the color. So, recently, someone decided to paint a car in the colorant. The result was jaw-dropping.

A company out of Japan was not at peace letting Vantablack rule the market. Consequently, they recently created their own version of a true black paint. It is called Musou Black. It is arguably one of the darkest paints in the world, absorbing 99 percent of light. Again, the results are jaw-dropping.

YouTuber paints car in Musou Black

DipYourCar is a YouTube channel that focuses on painting cars and parts in a removable paint. The paint forms a coating that can be peeled, making a car’s color change easy. Fans of the YouTube channel have been asking DipYourCar to lay down a coating of Vantablack on a car. The creators have not been able to. But, when Musou Black was introduced, they decided to try it out. Thankfully, they uploaded the process and the results in a video (posted below). 

The finished car is stunning. When rolled out into the light, the vehicle has body features that are hard to define. It almost looks like a photoshop of a mystery car, where a black silhouette is overlaid on a vehicle to hide its features. In fact, the black wheels on the car provided more reflection and definition than the paint on the car. All body panel creases and curves seem gone.

Unlike anything seen before

The YouTube channel host said the finished car does not look real and that he has never seen anything like the Musou results. He likened it to real-life being photoshopped. He is clearly amazed at the results. 

In another video, a YouTuber hand brushes an apple with the Musou Black paint. Again, the paint did what it does. None of the contours or ripples on the skin of the apple are visible. That video is below.

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It is important to note here that the Musou Black paint is not suggested for painting cars. In fact, the host of the DIPYourCar video advised against it. He said it seems like a delicate paint and does not know how durable it is. Regardless, it is still a pretty remarkable product. Hopefully, there will be a follow-up video soon. I can hear the wheels turning of all those people looking to make their own Nightshade edition cars.