This Is the Only Brand-New Toyota You Can’t Have

Buying a brand-new Toyota is as easy as going to your local dealership and writing out a check. However, the brilliant engineers over at Gazoo Racing have been busy developing a brand-new Toyota you probably can’t have. It’s called the GR Super Sport, and it’s designed primarily to compete as a racecar. However, CarBuzz report that a small batch will be produced for the road.

What is a Toyota GR Super Sport?

An image of the Toyota GR Super Sport out on the track.
GR Super Sport | Toyota

The Toyota GR Super Sport is set to compete in FIA racing in a new hypercar class, says CarBuzz. As a result, the Japanese carmaker’s motorsport division, Gazoo Racing, has been developing the hypercar for quite some time. If the name GR sounds familiar, that’s because these are the same folks behind the GR Supra and GR Yaris. Unlike these models, however, CarBuzz reports that the GR Super Sport is not based on any current production model.

Gazoo Racing confirmed some of the preliminary stats of this upcoming Toyota hypercar in a recent Twitter post. The shocking figure is the 680 ps (670 hp) output. This is because a concept shown back in 2020 produced 986 hp, according to CarBuzz. However, the smaller power figure reportedly comes from a four-wheel-drive hybrid powertrain. Thankfully, the icing on the cake is that the GR Super Sport weighs just 1,030 (2,270 lb), says CarBuzz. For context, that is around 100 lb lighter than a Mazda Miata with over three times more power.

Despite this, CarBuzz report that the road-going version could be even more powerful. This is because the Le Mans Hypercar regulations may severely limit the GR Super Sport’s power output. As a result, CarBuzz report that the production variant could have over 1,000 hp. There is no mention as to how much this road-going hypercar could weigh.

Why can’t I have one?

An image of a Toyota GR Super Sport parked in a warehouse.
GR Super Sport | Toyota

Toyota fans will be happy to learn that Gazoo Racing will produce at least 20 road-going Super Sports. However, if previous hypercar unveilings are anything to go by, this upcoming model may already be sold out. On top of that, the road-going GR Super Sport is set to carry a price tag of around $1 million, says CarBuzz. Unlike the racing variant, under the hood should live a 2.4-liter twin-turbo V6 with three electric motors.

Another hurdle in the potential ownership of this Toyota is the fact that it may not even arrive in the U.S. This is because the U.S. has strict regulations as to vehicle design and crash safety. For example, it is unclear if this road-going racecar could even meet the pedestrian safety regulations. Regardless, seeing one of these on the streets will likely be quite an event.

What sporty Toyota can I have?

An image of a Toyota Supra driving down the street.
Supra | Toyota

Watch the Toyota GR Supra Drift Racing With the Pros

Now that we’ve covered the sporty Toyota you probably can’t have let’s look at the ones you can actually buy. In 2021, the main sportscar available is the aforementioned GR Supra. Thanks to its BMW ties, the Supra houses a turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engine under its hood, developing 382 hp. Additionally, you can have a turbocharged four-cylinder producing 255 hp.

If the $42,990 Supra doesn’t fit your budget, you can opt for the $27,060 Toyota 86. Unfortunately, there is no 2021 86 as of writing. This is because a re-designed 2022 model should arrive shortly. As a result, you’ll have to stick to the 2020 model. Regardless, it seems GR will be busy building sports cars in the next few years.