This Is the First Toyota Supra Since the 90s With This Fun Feature

The Toyota Supra has received a lot of hate and praise. One thing it has not received is a convertible top. So, Toyota wanted to play on that open-air theme a bit for November’s SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer Association show. But, that show moved to an online-only format due to current global health concerns. Not bothered by the change, Toyota kept moving forward with their concept of an open-air version of the Supra, the first in 20 years.

2021 Toyota GR Supra Sport Top Edition

Interior view of a white Toyota Supra with the Sport Tops removed.
One-off 2020 Toyota GR Supra Sport Top created for SEMA | Toyota

In a press release this morning, Toyota officially announced the existence of the modified Supra to the public at large. It is called the GR Supra Sport Top Edition. Beyond performance enhancements, the car also has what is called a Sport Top. The top is actually two pieces that come off and can be placed in the sportscar’s rear. In essence, they are a split-Targa top with no center support beam. 

Making the Supra a Sport Top

Passenger side view of a white Toyota Supra with the Sport Tops removed.
One-off 2020 Toyota GR Supra Sport Top created for SEMA | Toyota

Convertible enthusiasts will be disappointed by the lack of a full convertible top. But, a Targa top still looks cool and provides a little bit more rigidity to the Supra versus going completely topless. So, the open-air feel is there for the driver and occupants, without the fear of the vehicle frame twisting beyond recognition. Although, some additional support was added to make sure rigidity is not compromised too much. 

“…we put a lot of thought into cutting the roof and removing a significant part of the car’s structure. It was way more complicated than we originally thought. Removing the top was extremely tough and required some innovative work to retain the GR Supra’s rigidity. I love how it came out, and I hope others love it, too.”- Marty Schwerter, Lead Builder

The press release goes on to say that cutting the roof was no small task. Once cut off, the two replacement panels had to be made. “The roof design features two composite panels 3D printed by Toyota Motor North America Research and Development in Ann Arbor, Michigan.”

There’s more modifications

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Of course, the rest of the Toyota special treatment. Modifications to the rest of the car include a hand-built rear diffuser, a new custom center-exit dual exhaust system, and a rear wing was mounted to the rear deck that resembles one from the Supra’s past. Finally, the car was coated in Absolute Zero White. 

The newest generation of Toyota Supra has been accused of being too much BMW and not enough Toyota. That is because the sportscar was created from a relationship with BMW that shares the Z4 model’s chassis. Notwithstanding, Toyota has done what it can to link the new platform with the heritage of former generations of the Supra. The new Sport Top Edition goes a long way to making that connection. The return of the open-air feel and the big wing that we see in the car above are undeniable but beautiful links to that past. Sadly, no word has been given if this concept will make it to production or how much the Sport Top option will cost. For now, the car is a one-off.