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Unless we’re talking about the movie, no one thinks of office space and goes, “Yes, I’d quite like that.” That is unless we’re talking about the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter itself, this armored limousine is an actual office on wheels. Don’t just take our word for it though. Let’s check out all that the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Office Limousine has to offer.

An office space meant for VIPs


Is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter the Most Reliable Van?

Take a quick gander at the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office, and you’ll find that it doesn’t make a single compromise when it comes to luxury styling. Flooring and upholstery are both fully customizable. The van also comes standard with captain’s chairs to give it that authentic VIP feel.

Step into the main passenger compartment, and you’ll see that the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office generously accommodates up to five passengers. The van also features a corner office for those who insist on getting some work done while on-the-go. 

And what does that office space have to offer? This high-end office on wheels features a rotating chair and an L-shaped desk. Add in four power-adjustable captain’s seats, two 45-inch smart TVs, wireless connectivity, several USB ports, a high-end entertainment system, and a removable center table, and this slick workspace is practically irresistible.

The Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office is safe too

This van isn’t all about getting work done, though. This lavishly appointed office on wheels also comes outfitted with a slew of advanced safety features and driver-assistance technologies so that you can always feel safe and protected while behind the wheel (or the desk.)

Opt for safety-centric upgrades like 360-degree surveillance cameras, a full CCTV system, and both a command and control center. Also available is an air purification system, powered door assistance, and an integrated biometric safe.

Inkas offers an optional bulletproof-armor exterior package too, though the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office does come standard with a few armoring features. According to Inkas, its standard armoring provides full perimeter protection of the passenger compartment. It also uses high-quality multi-layer bullet-resistant glass and comes equipped with reinforced door hinges. Other critical structure points have been reinforced too.

What’s under the hood, and how much does it cost?

Let’s not overlook what’s powering this on-the-go office space. At the heart and soul of it is a 3.0-liter diesel V6 engine that comes teamed with a 7-speed automatic transmission. Churning out 188-hp, the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office is also standard with rear-wheel drive.

And when it comes to cost? Unfortunately for us, the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office is a special order kind of vehicle. That being said, we would venture to say that the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office is well into the six-figure range. 

Is the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office the perfect workspace for you?

Let’s be real, if I had a ton of cash to burn and needed an office on wheels, the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office would find itself at the very top of my shopping list. Unfortunately for Inkas, though, I don’t do much travel these days.

But what about you? If you’re a top-level executive in need of a rolling office that offers armored protection and a long list of creature comforts, then the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter Office is definitely worth taking a look at.