This Former ‘Jackass’ Star Is Living Out of a Sweet Camper Van

Recent data according to the Wandering RV shows that as many as one million Americans may live full-time in their motorhomes. Campers and RVs give people the freedom to travel to new places while never leaving the comfort of their homes. The idea is so appealing that even celebrities have purchased their own fancy camper vans.

You may remember Jason Acuna, better known as “Wee Man,” for his stunts on the reality TV series Jackass. Since then, Acuna has sold his home in Malibu and now lives out of his converted Mercedes Sprinter van full-time. What does his motorhome look like, and what made him choose the “Van Life”?

Inside Jason Acuna’s camper van

Acuna’s matte-black Mercedes Sprinter van is built on a 144-inch wheelbase, so there’s plenty of room for the stuntman to live comfortably. All of his electronics run off solar power, including his heater, AC, fridge, and electric stove. He doesn’t have any fancy television monitors, but he boasts that his Bose speaker supplies high-quality surround sound. 

A running shower and toilet are also included inside the van, plus a sink in the kitchen area. Acuna has a jack-knife bed that can be easily folded when not in use. He also has several storage compartments inside the van.

A simpler lifestyle

Acuna says that he ditched his home in Malibu because felt that all of his material possessions were weighing him down. He wanted to travel more and adapt to a minimalist way of living. On an impulse, he decided to buy a one-way plane ticket to purchase his camper van.

The Mercedes Sprinter van was already built by a friend of Acuna’s, an architect who kits out camper vans for a living. Acuna has been living in his van since last year. He seems to be in good spirits as he closes out the video by skateboarding next to a scenic coastal area. 

Other celebrities who own motorhomes

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Jason Acuna isn’t the only celebrity convert to camper living. Jeff Daniels, who has starred in multiple movies and television shows, lives in a Gulf Stream Tourmaster. He even has whole video series on YouTube where he chronicles his musical tour inside the RV.

While Daniels doesn’t give us a true in-depth look inside his RV, he does provide several tips on winter RV maintenance. As Daniel points out, many RV drivers head south, so they might not be familiar with these issues. He tells viewers what to do if your RV’s pipes freeze, as well as how to fix a frozen slide.

Pop singer Gwen Stefani also lives in a motorhome when she’s on tour. She has a Fleetwood Pusher that looks fairly unassuming from the outside, but the inside mirrors a luxury studio apartment. Her van has a massive seating area for guests with two couches, as well as a pull-out sleep number bed.

It also has a fully functional bathroom and kitchen, plus marble flooring and a wine chiller in the kitchen area. Several other actors and artists also live in fancy motorhomes while traveling, including Simon Cowell and Mariah Carey.

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel apparently loves cars enough that he lives in one while on set. His motorhome is built on a tractor-trailer rig with more than 1,000 square feet of space. It was built by Anderson Mobile Estates and cost the movie star over $1 million dollars.

Diesel’s motorhome features two stories, with the upper level being a carpeted play and rest area for kids. It also has a large bedroom, sitting area, and even an office. Whether you want to go big like Vin or keep things simple like Wee Man, anyone can get into van life.